SGN Podcast: Interview with Maxwell Scott-Slade (Glitchers)

SGN Podcast: Interview with Maxwell Scott-Slade (Glitchers)

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast. On this podcast we’ve got an interview with Maxwell Scott-Slade of Glitchers.

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We’ve got another brilliant archive interview for you this week with Maxwell Scott-Slade, the director of the BAFTA-nominated, Edinburgh-based developer Glitchers. The conversation was conducted by Sebastian McKay of The Scottish Business Podcast and follows his similarly enlightening chats with Marc Williamson from Tag and Colin Mcdonald from Rivet Games that we’ve previously featured on SGN.

Seb caught Maxwell just a few weeks before Glitchers launched their fantastic “delivery car combat” game Drive Buy. The pair chatted about the business side of preparing to release a game and a whole swathe of other interesting topics in this tangent-happy episode, including: the value of the Switch and the Nintendo eShop as a platform for indies; the difference between being doing client work and being a collaborator; building a sustainable studio in a title-focused industry; Maxwell’s eye-opening trip to Tokyo; and even Maxwell and Seb’s strategies for surviving a zombie apocalypse. (Seb’s is ingenious btw)

Maxwell also delivered one of the most nuanced takes we’ve heard on what subscription-based services like Xbox Games Pass et al could mean for the future of the industry – a favourite topic of ours here at SGN.

If you’d like to go even deeper into the world of Glitchers, check out our indepth company profile from earlier this year.

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