OUT NOW: Minecraft Star Wars

Gone are the days of painstakingly constructing a scale model of the Death Star trench sequence one brick at a time. With the new Minecraft Star Wars DLC, players can jump into premade dioramas of iconic locations from across the original Star Wars trilogy and The Mandelorian series, including the likes of Hoth, Endor and not one, but two Death Stars.

Event: InGAME Insights 3

On November 25, Creative Dundee and InGAME will be inviting three panellists from across the creative sector to discuss these very topics as part of its InGAME Insights events series.

OUT NOW: Rabbie Burns Saves The World!

OUT NOW: Rabbie Burns Saves The World! It’s Book Week Scotland this week and what better way to celebrate than with… an ode to 8-bit role playing games starring Robert Burns?

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