Out Now: Distant Kingdoms

Out Now: Distant Kingdoms

Distant Kingdoms is a brand new civilise-em-up from Dundee developer Orthrus Studios. Players must use strategy, social management and magic to build a thriving kingdom, unite humans, dwarves, elves and orcs and ultimately save civilisation from apocalyptic ruin, rains of blood, plagues of frog, and a general bad time for all involved.

The fabled land of Talem has fallen and the gods have banished the battling races to far away lands. Now players must rebuild a harmonious civilisation in the ancient dominion of Ineron.

Orthrus is planning to keep Distant Kingdoms in early access for about a year, during which time they’ll add a full story campaign, additional maps, monsters, and magic. The studio has already laid out plans for its first two updates during early access, including new map scenarios, fishing production and more.

Orthrus Studios is also planning modding support for buildings to the first update and support for characters and race modification in the second.

Orthrus Studios is promising that Distant Kingdoms will offer a unique blend of City Building, Social Management, Exploration and Adventure gameplay, bringing the kingdom of Talam to life.

The game will feature:


  • Build a sprawling network of towns and villages as you forge a new civilisation.
  • Research new technologies and dabble in magical conjuration to support your growing settlements. 
  • Accessible for beginners, with complex and deep gameplay for experienced city-builders.


  • Explore a new world filled with secrets, sending out adventuring parties into the unexplored mists. Help decide their fate through a choose-your-own-adventure style quest and event system.
  • Deal with troublesome creatures, from Dragons to Imps, Wraiths and Trolls and venture into deep, dark and curious dungeons spread across the map. 


  • Provide for your population’s needs through a deep web of production lines, as they move through the social strata from peasant to noble, catering to each race’s desires. 
  • Help the humans, dwarves, elves and orcs come together across multiple maps and scenarios in a future grand campaign to save civilisation from apocalyptic ruin. 

Distant Kingdoms – Out Now

Players can follow the ongoing development of the game on Twitter or by joining in the discussions on the Distant Kingdoms Discord server. Players can

Published by Kasedo Games, Distant Kingdoms is out now on Early Access for Windows via Steam and GOG.

Distant Kingdoms will launch in English for Windows PC with further languages and PC platforms following in the coming updates and is priced at $24.99 / €24.99 / £21.69.


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