OUT NOW: Drive Buy

OUT NOW: Drive Buy

Drive Buy is a new racing game which combines the high-octane thrills of street racing, with the complex time-management and route-finding fun of being a delivery driver.

Think of it as a cross between Dirt and DHL. Now you too can be the Lewis Hamilton of Hermes, by out-driving, out outsmarting and out-delivering your competitors on the city streets.

Cross-Platform Play

Drive Buy is available for the PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch. It’s also been designed from the ground up to enable seamless cross-platform play between both platforms.

The game is being pitched as a combination of multiplayer racing and combat titles including Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, and Mario Kart. Drivers must complete the most deliveries and fight off rivals to grab the top power ups (which can be combined for over-the-top effects.

Drive Buy. Out Now from Glitchers.

Drive Buy offers three distinctive game modes:

  • Delivery Battle – Hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with powerups found around the map. Strategic, unpredictable & full of surprises.
  • PayDay – Hold onto the most coins on the map whilst dodging power ups left, right & centre
  • Piggy Bank – Tag… with a Pig! Hold the pig to earn coins while other players hunt you down

The game has been created by Glitchers, the company behind the BAFTA-nominated Sea Hero Quest, Chippy (which was a chip shop simulator, not a fighting game, so no one, sadly, got battered) and Plunderland.

The company is promising seasonal updates to keep the game content coming.

Max Scott-Slade, the co-founder of Glitchers, told the SGN:

At its heart, Drive-Buy is a vehicle-based party game with intuitive, pick up & play controls, we wanted to create an experience which avoids the frustration of track-based racing games – hence a street-based delivery battler was created! We want everyone to be in with a chance of winning – so even the player in last position can turn it around and steal a last minute victory. Or they can flood the leader’s screen with emotes and emojis to get revenge.

Drive Buy is OUT NOW for PC and Nintendo Switch. You can find the game here:

Drive Buy (PC)

Drive Buy (Nintendo Switch)

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