SGN Podcast: Interview with Colin Macdonald (Rivet Games)

SGN Podcast: Interview with Colin Macdonald (Rivet Games)

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast. On this podcast we’ve got an interview with Colin Macdonald of Rivet Games.

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This week marks the first of our one-on-one interview podcasts and comes courtesy of the shiniest new SGN recuit Seb Mackay. Seb is a marketing manager at the MBN Solutions and the host of The Scottish Business Podcast, which of course you’ll already know from last week’s podcast. Seb has spoken to a number of folks form the Scottish games industry and has kindly allowed to give those conversations a second broadcast (which is very convenient for is because they’re ace).

In this episode Seb chats with Rivet Games’ commercial director, Games Jobs Live head honcho and SGN bestie Colin Macdonald about the advantages of serving a niche audience and the importance of app store search optimisation. Colin also talks about how the industry has changed over the course of his career and reveals how he once succesfully used Brexit to market a game while working at Channel 4.

You can listen to this podcast interview with Colin Macdonald of Rivet Games via our usual podcast feed, or via the YouTube video embedded below.

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