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Game Developers

– # –

4J Studios (Dundee) Contact

– A –

Aetheric Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Amicable Animal (Edinburgh) Contact

Ant Workshop (Edinburgh) Contact

Arboreta Games (West Dunbartonshire) Contact

Arcade Badgers (Dundee) Contact

Astrodreamer Studio (Dundee) Contact

– B –

Biome Collective (Dundee) Contact

Bit Loom (Dundee) Contact

Blazing Griffin (Edinburgh) Contact

Brilliant Skies (Glasgow) Contact

Build A Rocket Boy (Edinburgh) Contact

– C –

Changing Day (Glasgow) Contact

Chunk Games (Glasgow) Contact

Cobra Mobile (Dundee) Contact

Common Profyt Games (Aberdeen) Contact

– D –

Dave Sapien Ltd Glasgow Contact

Denki (Dundee) Contact

DeuXality (Inverness) Contact

– E –

Earthbound Games (Dundee) Contact

EM Studios (Glasgow) Contact

Epic Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Etherplay (Dundee) Contact

– F –

– G –

Game Doctor (Glasgow) Contact

GameXPlosion (Greenock) Contact

Glitchers (Edinburgh) Contact

– H –

Haiku Interactive (Edinburgh) Contact

Hexwar (Fortrose) Contact

Hippotrix (East Lothian) Contact

Hunted Cow (Elgin) Contact

Hyper Luminal Games (Dundee) Contact

– I –

Icebeam Studios (Dundee) Contact

– K –

Keelworks (Edinburgh) Contact

– L –

Late Panda (Glasgow) Contact

LowTek Games (Dundee) Contact

Ludometrics (Glasgow) Contact

– M –

Made With Numbers (Edinburgh) Contact

Me & The Giants (Glasgow) Contact

– N –

Ninja Kiwi (Dundee) Contact

No Code (Glasgow) Contact

– O –

ObSkewer Games (Dundee) Contact

Outplay Entertainment (Dundee) Contact

– P –

Physmo (Glasgow) Contact

Pocket Sized Hands (Dundee) Contact

Polybius Games (East Kilbride) Contact

Puny Astronaut (Dundee) Contact

– Q –

– R –

Rivet Games (Stirling) Contact

Rockstar North (Edinburgh) Contact

Ruffian Games (Dundee) Contact

– S –

The Secret Experiment (Glasgow) Contact

Somewhat Unsettling (Edinburgh) Contact

Stand Out Games (Dundee) Contact

Stone-Spark Games (Edinburgh) ContactCompany Profile

Stormcloud Games (Dundee) Contact

– T –

Team Terrible Games (Dundee) Contact

Tentacle Solutions (Glasgow) Contact

Tag Games (Dundee) ContactCompany Profile

Team Junkfish (Dundee) Contact

Triple B (Dundee) Contact

Twiddly (Edinburgh) Contact

Two Tailed Fox (Dundee) Contact

– V –

The VR Hive (Glasgow) Contact

– W –

– Y –

Yaldi Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Yellow Crow Games (Dundee) Contact

YoYo Games (Dundee) Contact

– Z –

ZapCoder (Glasgow) Contact

Animation Studios

Axis Animation (Glasgow) Contact

Sundstedt Animation (Glasgow) Contact

Business Services

Braithwaite Technology Consultants (Glasgow) Contact

French Duncan (Edinburgh) Contact

Gravitate HR (Edinburgh) Contact

Henderson Loggie (Aberdeen/Dundee/Edinburgh/Glasgow) Contact

Indie Champions (Dundee) Contact

Jumpstart (Edinburgh) Contact

Stephen Gibbens (Edinburgh) Contact

Purpose HR (Edinburgh) Contact


Games Media

Pure Dead Gaming Podcast (Glasgow)

Groups & Social Activities

Bert Wednesdays (Dundee/Glasgow) Contact

Localisation & Testing

Proper QA (Edinburgh) Contact

Marketing / Advertising

Adinmo (Edinburgh) Contact

Neon Hive (Glasgow) Contact

Music, Audio, Composition & Production

BigMouth Audio (Glasgow) Contact

Far Fletched (Edinburgh) Contact

Heist Records (Dundee) Contact

Noise Me Up (Edinburgh) Contact

Savalas (Glasgow) Contact

Solid Audioworks (Edinburgh) Contact

Too Many Cookes – TwitterContact

Wee Studio (Stornaway) – Contact




 Supporting Organisations

BAFTA In Scotland (Glasgow) Contact

Creative Clyde (Glasgow) Contact

Creative Edinburgh (Edinburgh) Contact

Creative Scotland (Edinburgh/Glasgow) Contact

New Media Scotland (Edinburgh) Contact

Scotland IS (Linlithgow) Contact

Scottish Development International (Glasgow) Contact

Scottish Enterprise (Everywhere) Contact

TIGA (London) Contact

UKIE (London) Contact


3finery (Edinburgh) Contact

Dimensional Imaging (Glasgow) Contact

Krotos (Edinburgh) Contact

Mercuna (Edinburgh) Contact

Moon Collider (Edinburgh) Contact

RunRev (Edinburgh) Contact

Speech Graphics (Edinburgh) Contact

Unity – formerly Chilli Connect – (Dundee) Contact

Unity – formerly Delta DNA – (Edinburgh) Contact

Zappaty (Dundee) Contact – [Company Profile]

Talent Agencies/Performing Arts

Dive In Jobs (Glasgow) Contact


University of Abertay (Dundee) Contact

Edinburgh Napier (Edinburgh) Contact

Glasgow Caledonian (Glasgow) Contact

Heriot Watt (Edinburgh) Contact

InGAME (Dundee) Contact

University of the West of Scotland (Glasgow) Contact


No Longer With Us (Sites May No Longer Be Live)

3MRT (Edinburgh) Contact

A Fox Wot I Drew (Dundee)

Alpha Revolver Games (Glasgow) Contact

Amoeba Lab (Dundee) Contact

Aphelio (Glasgow) Contact

AsDesigned Games (Dundee) Contact [Now In Birmingham]

Beartrap Games (Dundee) Contact

Binary Pumpkin (Dundee) Contact

Black Company (Edinburgh) Contact

Braindead Ape (Edinburgh) Contact

BrightStatic (Dundee) Contact

Chris Sawyer Games (Dunblane) Contact

Claymore Games (Glasgow) Contact

Cloudgine (Edinburgh) Contact

Cohort Studios (Dundee) Contact

CrissCross Games (Dundee) Contact

Deep Pixel (Glasgow) Contact

Digital Goldfish (Dundee) Contact [Now Ninja Kiwi]

Disney Research (Edinburgh) Contact

Domipheus Labs (Edinburgh) Contact

Dreamwalker Games (Elgin) Contact

Dynamo Games (Dundee) Contact

eeGeo (Dundee) Contact

Electric Tophat (Dundee) Contact

FatBob Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Firebrand Studios (Glasgow) Contact

Flipware (Glasgow) Contact

Frenetic Studios (Glasgow) Contact

Future Fossil (Dundee) Contact

Futuro (Glasgow) Contact

Gamevial (Edinburgh) Contact

Genuine Games (Auchterarder) Contact

Glovik (Edinburgh) Contact

Guerilla Tea (Dundee) Contact

Hidden Armada (Dundee) Contact

Inceptional (Edinburgh) Contact

Ingot Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Insurgent Studios (Edinburgh) Contact

Intelligent Earth (Dundee) Contact

Interface 3 (Edinburgh) Contact

iSpy (Glasgow) Contact

K2 Games (Dundee) Contact

Kal-Dev Games (Ayrshire) Contact

Kitsune Game Studios (Glasgow) Contact

LinxOnline (Glasgow) Contact

Lost Zombie Studio (Dundee) Contact

Lucky Frame (Edinburgh) Contact

Mainly About Games (Edinburgh) Contact

Mental Universe (Glasgow) Contact

Mogworks (Livingston) Contact

Nevistech (Edinburgh) Contact

Oberon Media (Dunfermline) Contact

Obscure Moon (Glasgow) Contact

One Thumb Mobile (Glasgow) Contact

Outerlight (Edinburgh) Contact

Play2Improve (Dundee) Contact

Pixel Sword (Bo’ness) Contact

Pixels On Toast (Edinburgh) Contact

Pocket Starship (Edinburgh) Contact

Proper Games (Dundee) Contact

Quartic Llama (Dundee) Contact

Reagent Games (Edinburgh)

Reality Council (Glasgow) Contact

Red Radiant Media (Dundee) Contact

Reloaded Productions (Edinburgh) Contact

Revolver PR

Robot Overlord Games (Glasgow) Contact

Serious Parody (Dundee) Contact

Secret Lunch (Dundee) Contact

Shpleh Games (Glasgow) Contact [Now located in North of England]

Siege Games (Dundee) Contact

Simulspace (Glasgow) Contact

Smiling Bag (Dundee) Contact

Space Budgie (Dundee) Contact

Spiffing Games (Dundee) Contact

SpotFlick (Edinburgh) Contact

Story Mechanics (Glasgow) Contact

Swallowtail Games (Dundee) Contact

Team Rock (Hamilton) Contact

Things Made Out Of Other Things (Edinburgh) Contact

Tiger Games (Dundee) Contact

Too Dee Studios (Glasgow) Contact

Too Easy Games (Dundee) Contact

TPLD (Dundee) Contact

Two Monocle Games (Dundee) Contact

Twitch (Edinburgh) Contact

VEEMEE (Edinburgh) Contact

WeeWorld (Glasgow) Contact

Whisky Biscuit (Elgin) Contact

Whisper Studios (Dundee) Contact

Yomego (Glasgow) Contact

Zendit (Dunfermline) Contact

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  13. The Creative Skillset Employment Census, which was last completed in 2009 is the most comprehensive survey of creative media employers, providing estimates of the workforce size and shape including a breakdown by occupation, gender, ethnicity, disability and geographical location.

    The information is vital in allowing the industry to identify changes in the workforce, monitor representation of diverse groups and target investment in skills development to ensure industry needs are met.

    In order to get as accurate a picture of employment in Scotland as possible, could I ask all employers to complete a form for all employees/freelancers as at Wednesday 4 July 2012 but returns are open until the end of the month.

    Thank you in advance and if you have any concerns or queries please feel free to contact me or my research colleague Anna Chourdaki at or on 020 7713 9820.

    Best Wishes

    Sctland Director, Creative Skillset

    Complete the industry Census online now!,UU38,77DV6,2JDCX,1

    Alasdair Smith
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