The Scottish Games Network


SGN 001The Scottish Games Network is an umbrella organisation which brings together everything relevant to the interactive entertainment sector in Scotland.

Covering academia, business, culture and consumer issues, the Scottish Games Network is a focal point and community for the rapidly evolving industry.

The Scottish Games Network encompasses and supports all of the cultural, creative, academic, governmental and other organisations, which support, promote and are involved in the videogames sector in Scotland.

The network provides the only open and publicly accessible range of channels dedicated to the issues affecting the games industry as it exists in Scotland.

Scottish Games is proudly independent and strives to be the authoritative source for all news and information related to the games sector as well as giving every participant a platform to ask questions, network and find out more about video games and interactive entertainment in Scotland.

The main online presence is  You can also find the network on:





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  2. We heard you guys are coming to GDC! We are also going to GDC and would love to meet you to know more about you. We like what you are doing and your network is pretty robust, congrats!

    Please let me know any time you have available to talk.

    We have rented Jillian’s restaurant (next to the conference) all I need from you is a time and day that can work. We also have a party on Tuesday only for invited developers at out HQ (please let me know if you want to receive an invitation to this event)

    Hope to hear from you!

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