Game Tech MOOves in new direction

Abertay University and Dundee-based game developer Pocket Sized Hands are working together to apply video game technology to the farmyard.

3 Games that Smashed Kickstarter Goals

Kickstarter is a great way to raise money to fund projects such as video games. Because of this developers often use the site as a way to get the ball rolling for their latest title. Throughout the past few months, several Scottish developers have proven crowd funding is still a viable option for smaller developers.... Continue Reading →

The Future of Public Play – Thoughts from InGAME Insights 3

The thoughtful discussion during Creative Dundeeā€™s recent InGAME Insights event quickly proved that this is a crucial time for how we think about play in public spaces - one wracked with challenges, but also teeming with potential.

Coming Soon: Tapeworm Disco Puzzle

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is a brand new game, based upon everyone's favourite intestinal parasite, for NES, Dreamcast and even PC, from Dundee indie powerhouse Lowtek Games.

BAFTA Scotland Awards Nominees Announced

BAFTA Scotland Awards 2020 Nominees Announced - Three Games in the running from Scottish development studios

Remedy Quest: Beta Test Opens, Trailer Launched

Remedy Quest the 2D casual game being developed by Glasgow-based Game Dr, to combat misinformation and anxiety around the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has launched the first trailer for the game and opened a public beta test.

BAFTA Crew GAMES: Applications Open

Applications for BAFTA Crew Games, the programme to help creators and practitioners in the early stage of their careers, are now open.

Help Inspire The Next Generation of Creators

Help @SmartSTEMS to encourage children and young people to consider a career in videogames, science, technology, engineering, (arts) and maths. Record a video outline your job and journey and help them highlight the AWESOME jobs and careers that STE(A)M can offer...

OUT NOW: Fantasy Island (Saver)

OUT NOW: Fantasy Island (Saver) The latest DLC for the popular (1.5M downloads & counting) #fintech game from @NatWest_Help & @stormcloudgames is out now for @Xbox & @Steam Proceeds go to @YoungMoneyEdu & @SpecialEffect

Create & Prototype Games Online

Sign up now for Super Online Hyper Virtshop - an online collaborative prototyping workshop from our friends at Biome Collective, supported by the team at InGAME.

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