BAFTA Scotland Games Mentoring Programme Opens For Applications

AFTA Scotland Games Mentoring Programme is now open for applications. The programme, which has been produced in association with Screen Skills offers people beginning their career in the games sector to access the experience and expertise from business leaders and industry pioneers.

Interview with Ally Low (Lowtek Games) | SGN Pod

On the podcast this week we have Ally Low, founder of LowTek Games. LowTek Games burst onto the indie scene last year and have continued to grow from there. Working on both retro games (that you can actually play on NES, Dreamcast and soon to come to Gameboy) and dyslexic friendly titles and game-making tools.... Continue Reading →

Scottish Entrepreneurs Pledge £1M To Scottish Edge

Several of Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs have committed an additional £1 million of grants and loans to Scottish EDGE, the UK’s biggest funding competition for start ups and potential high growth businesses.

Out Now: The Attendant

Recently we spoke with Andrew McKissock, writer, narrative designer and games journalist, about his upcoming project, The Attendant. Andrew's previous work includes, The Glitching Graduation, A New World and The Matrix Online. This upcoming title proves to be less about leather trench coat wearing martial arts specialists and instead focuses on a regular person's struggle... Continue Reading →

April Wools! – DOOM meets LOOM follow up

Let me spin you a yarn, earlier today we teamed up with our good friend Ally Low for a cross platform, cross stich themed April Fools prank. Ally gave us a heads up a couple of days ago about his plan to dupe his Tik Tok followers with a surprise update on his cross stich... Continue Reading →

DOOM MEETS LOOM – Dundee Developer Ports Classic PC Game To Cross Stitch

DOOM is one of the most widely ported games in the world, having reached devices as unlikely as the NeXTSTEP, Atari Jaguar, 3DO and, err, Hewlett-Packard 16700 series Logic Analyzers. However, those are laughably mainstream compared to the game's next big leap. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Dundee-based indie developer Ally Low has... Continue Reading →

Dundee Selected As 5G Testbed

Dundee City Council, in collaboration with local and national organisations, are working on making the Tayside city a 5G testbed. This news comes at a time where the S5GConnect programme is set to build a new 5G hub in Dundee The city will be the next location for an innovation hub form the Scotland 5G... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Firefly Studios – Aberdeen

Introducing: Firefly Studios - The SGN speaks to the Firefly Aberdeen team about the studio behind the Stronghold franchise

Freelance Friday (05/02/21)

This is Freelance Friday, the weekly column that aims to showcase the country’s self employed video game professionals. Read on to find out more about the designers, artists, composers, and creators, who can help YOU bring your project to life…

Glasgow Creative Accelerator – Sign Up Now

The Glasgow Creative Accelerator is a brand new business support initiative for creative companies in Glasgow (which very definitely includes videogames developers and games-related companies) to help them grow and thrive.

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