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If you’d like to be listed on the SGN Freelance Directory, e-mail us your name, portfolio site(s) and preferred contact point, along with a 1-2 line description of the services you offer.


Rowena AitkenWebsiteTwitterContact

  • Working as a freelance illustrator for 5 years I started off in fantasy/RPG art for indie publishers then moving into children’s book art which I love! I have experience in 2D animation, illustration and mobile gaming using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with a hint of After Effects and Premiere. Please look at my website for samples.

Tony ConnellPortfolioContact

  • I have experience in the most popular 2D/3D programmes such as 3Ds max, blender3D, Zbrush, photoshop and illustrator. I feel I can meet the requirements of a brief confidently and professionally.

Laurel GattenbyPortfolio – LinkedIn – Facebook – Contact

  • I am a 2D artist specializing in art and animation for mobile games. I also enjoy game design, and solo development using Gamemaker and Flash. I have experience working as a User Interface Artist, 2D artist in team environments, and AfterEffects animator for educational videos,

Mihai Georgescu – Portfolio Twitter Contact

  • I am a very motivated games artist with ability in both 2D and 3D art asset generation. I have experience in creating concept art, character design and static assets in a multitude of styles.

Spencer HillWebsite / LinkedIn / Contact

  • Passionate 3D Generalist and Concept Artist. Having worked throughout the whole visual pipeline for multiple game titles – including both 2D and 3D aspects – I am quite confident I can meet your artistic needs for almost any brief. Skills include, but not limited to: Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, AfterEffects, Flash, Unity, etc.

John Humphries (Onyx Digital Studios) – Website / FacebookContact

  • 10 years of experience, worked with EA and Realtime Worlds.  Expertise: 3D modelling, texturing, Zbrush sculpting, High/Low poly modelling, Environments, Characters and props.  Software: Maya, 3Dsmax, Photoshop, Zbrush, Unity, UDK

George JohnstoneWebsiteContact

  • I am a 2D and 3D digital artist with a specialisation in environment art, currently based in Dundee, Scotland. I am available for any freelance positions available.

Richard JonesWebsite / Contract

  • BA Honours graduate in Computer Games Art& Animation from Glasgow Caledonian University. Specializing in contemporary concept and production design for the entertainment industry. Expertise include Photoshop, 3DS Max, Mudbox and Unity 3D.

Kevin McGivernWebsiteBlogTwitterContact

  • I am a freelance illustrator from Glasgow, with experience in the video games, marketing, publishing, editorial and movie industries.

Darroch McNaughtWebsiteContact

  • BAFTA nominated digital artist, specialising in ALL aspects of 2-3D digital creation, from paper concepts right through to final rigging, texturing, lighting, animation, implementation and post production effects. Tools: 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office Suite, Paper and pencils. Game Engines: UDK, Crysis and UNITY

Jonathan MortimerWebsiteContact

  • International Awarded Animator, 4 years experience working Se-ma-for Studios as a freelancer. Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist & Character Design, 2D & 3D Animator (Toonboom / 3ds max / Maya / Flash), Script Writer

Nazanin NematiWebsiteLinkedInContact

  • I am a freelance Illustrator/Concept artist providing a variety of visual arts and creative design solutions for the Entertainment industry.

Craig PatonWebsiteContact

  • Professional freelance illustrator for 3-4 years, experienced in working with clients in publishing and games industry. Expertise in Photoshop, concept art, character design, storyboarding & visual narratives.

Constantin Daniel Popa – PortfolioLinkedInContact

  • I am a DJCAD graduate specializing in Character Designer /Concept Artist/Illustrator looking for freelance and/or studio work in games or animation

Jeff ReadWebsiteContact

  • A versatile freelance illustrator and concept designer within film, print and games, residing in Glasgow. My clients include Sony, Leading Light, Media Molecule, Supermassive Games, ITVS (US), Bwark Productions (BBC), Splash Damage, Sumo Digital, 8-bit Games, Real Roots, Cardboard Boss, and many individual and personal commissions.

Artyom SemenovWebsiteContact

  • A freelance illustrator from Glasgow with over 3 years experience in the industry. Worked with Dynamo Games, Chunk Digital and various student projects, including the TIGA Game Industry Awards 2013 nominee Far From Home.


BriamondWebsiteLinkedIn – SoundcloudContact

  • Brian Diamond aka Briamond is an audio designer with a talent for crafting memorable sonic experiences.
    He writes in a variety of musical styles with an emphasis on engaging listeners with rich and memorable melodic content. He has worked for a number of clients thus far, offering quick turnarounds, professional service and competitive rates tailored to each project. Contact him today to discuss your project needs or even to just chat about it.

CurriesonicsWebsiteSoundcloudTwitter – Contact

  • First and foremost, I am a musician/composer. I can also deliver comprehensive sample libraries for a wide variety of projects, and am highly skilled in other aspects of sound production such as recording and mixing, creating radio and film audio, and location work.

Eilean AudioWebsiteSoundcloudContact

  • A new business (Eilean Audio) creating music for TV, Film and hopefully video games.  I also do audio post production. I also own and run a recording studio called Wee Studio ( for over 6 years.  Based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Happy to work on profit sharing deals as I’m looking to build up my portfolio.

Escocia Music ProductionsWebsiteSoundcloudYouTubeReverbnationTwitterFacebookContact

  • Freelance Composer, Songwriter & Music Production Services based in Glasgow.

Ghost BeeWebsiteContact

  • I am a music composer in Edinburgh working in contemporary music composition with big themes and melodies and enigmatic soundscapes.

Garry FerrierWebsite / Soundcloud / LinkedIn / TwitterContact

  • I am a composer and audio producer based in Glasgow who writes original music of the highest quality. I am extremely passionate about the way in which a beautifully crafted piece of audio can enhance and entirely transform the player experience within a game and I possess the skills and the musicality that allow me to adapt to whatever project you might throw at me.

Jason HadlowWebsiteContact

  • Professional Services in Audio at very competitive rates

Hugh HoltonWebsiteContact

  • I am a classically-trained musician working to produce high quality music files (with dynamic layering if wished for) fully mixed and mastered ready for implementation, all composed to the specific mood/genre needs of the game.
    I work on a contract basis per track or minute of finished music, with budget-sensitive prices depending on levels of instrumentation/detail.

Kenny InglisSoundcloudContact

  • I’m a composer/music producer based in Glasgow. I’ve been working professionally for the past 20 years with credits across the full spectrum of TV, film, video games and new media. From Six Feet Under to CSI, Lakeview Terrace to Gangster Squad, Need For Speed and beyond. If you want the very best in bespoke music/sound design for your project, just get in touch.

Fraser MaitlandWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudContact

  • With little overheads, I offer highly competitive prices, from the use of professional, industry leading sample-libraries to live orchestral commissions.

Eden Morrison – Portfolio / Showreel / LinkedIn – Contact

  • I can provide high quality original music and sound effects suitable for any project. I can write and direct voice actors, as well as work with designers, programmers and artists to incorporate top notch audio fluidly into games.

Philip MortonWebsite / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / LinkedInContact

  • I am a composer and sound designer specialising in post production audio for games, film and interactive media. I have 3 years of experience in the games industry, having worked on multiple titles released on mobile platforms and received several award nominations for both game and film projects. I am currently finishing a Masters Degree in Sound for the Moving Image at the Glasgow School of Art.

George Vlad (Game Sounds) – WebsiteContact

  • I offer full audio development for video games, from music to sound effects and voice overs.

Matthew WhitesideWebsiteSoundcloudLinkedInContact

  • I am a classically trained composer with experience in sound design. I have written music for concerts and films and have collaborated with a number of visual artists for joint exhibitions. I primarily work with live musicians, and have experience running recording sessions. However depending on the budget I also have a large sample library of professional level instrument samples that I have used on numerous projects.


Gareth MurfinWebsiteContact

  • I am a remote Android freelancer from the UK, I’m available now to develop your app.

Community/Social Media

 Paul MaxwellWebsite / Facebook / TwitterContact

  • Glasgow based Freelance Community/Social Media Manager for game developers, studios or publishers. 7+ years in Customer Service for a multitude of games publishers has allowed me to hone my skills when talking with customers and fans. Social Media enthusiast of many years too. Negotiable rates depending on needs.

Game Design

Clive Lawrence (The Man Who Flew Away) – WebsiteContact

  • Experience with QA, Lead Testing, Game Design, Lead Design and Project Management roles. Responsible for game conception, pitches, documentation, design implementation and day-to-day production duties. Proficient in gameplay, menu and progression scripting and tuning via professional and custom-built engines/editors. Based in Glasgow but capable of travelling within the central region depending on requirements.

IT & Technical

Alan LumleyWebsiteContact

  • Cross platform Server Operating Systems (Microsoft/Linux/Apple), 2nd & 3rd Line Technical Support, IT Project Design, Infrastructure Design & Management, Remote Administration, IT Service Delivery, IT Project Implementation


Chris ScottPortfolio / Twitter – Contact

  • I do like events, wandering around recording what’s happening without interfering too much. But generally, any opportunity to debunk the standard photographer behaviour where people are told what to do and don’t enjoy the experience.


Waterfall PRWebsiteContact

  • I work with creative businesses around the UK to develop and run their PR activities. Focus on B2B/trade but also consumer-facing when required. Glasgow-based.


Daniele La NorciaLinkedInContact

  • I have 3 years experience as a QA Tester and online Dev QA for big and small studios. I can provide you with English Italian localisation and translations for your games, apps and websites. I’m quick, I offer competitive prices and I can also provide translations or hook you up with translators for other EFIGS languages.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info!


Sarah PritchardPortfolioWebsiteContact

  • Experienced in creating Interactive videos, Software walk though’s, Video case studies, Video stings, Application voiceovers, Video competition applications, Documenting events and Corporate videos.


Ewan AitonWebsiteContact

  • Experienced games journalist

Iain LowsonLinkedIn / Website / AgentContact

  • Freelance writer with nearly two decades of experience of writing for a wide variety of projects. Has written vast amounts of official Star Wars material, various video game projects, an award-winning tabletop RPG, and lots more. Full details over at my LinkedIn profile.

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  1. I write ideas for games down, this won’t sound very appealing at first look, me not having a website but I don’t need one, so far I have 10 ideas for games all different and all unique. I keep adding to them based on feedback I get from telling my friends and I work on them and make them much better… That’s the thing though, they’re only ideas right now. I want to bring them into reality but I don’t have the money to support them I want to get hired as an intern so I can help write those ideas and make them a reality, I write stories as a pastime and I’m a very friendly character. I have 10 years of gaming under my belt, playing all sorts of games, flash games, app games indie games xbox games ds games game boy colour games, n64, real life games 🙂 played on many different platforms and I believe I know what makes a great game.


    1. I am in a similar position so I recently I travelled to GDC to talk to people in the industry and find out where I stood with this experience level. The overwhelming feedback I got was that you have to prove that you really do think about all this stuff all the time – you can’t just say it! I’m now working my game ideas into a (miniature) reality using Twine and polishing up all my mod plans. You should do the same thing!


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