OUT NOW: Minecraft Star Wars

Gone are the days of painstakingly constructing a scale model of the Death Star trench sequence one brick at a time. With the new Minecraft Star Wars DLC, players can jump into premade dioramas of iconic locations from across the original Star Wars trilogy and The Mandelorian series, including the likes of Hoth, Endor and not one, but two Death Stars.

OUT NOW – The Quest (Redux)

The team at Guerilla Tea are clearly not people to lounge around, resting on their laurels, sipping rum-based cocktails.  Mere weeks after the company launched the Cancer busting game, Genes In Space: Play To Cure, it is launching a redeveloped version of their first (BAFTA nominated) game, The Quest. It's rather lovely. The goal is to... Continue Reading →

Guerilla Tea’s 2nd Birthday – Beer, Cake and a Game Release!

As of today, we’ve been in business for 2 years. It’s scary how quickly the time has gone by. We could describe the past year as ‘tumultuous’ to say the least and it’s been an awesome learning experience. It’s still very early days for Guerilla Tea, but throughout the last year we’ve built up a... Continue Reading →

GTA V Confirmed For Spring 2013

Rockstar Games has announced that the much anticipated GTA V is due for release in Spring 2013.  The game will be available for pre-order from November 5th. The game is currently in development at Rockstar North HQ in Edinburgh.  Could this be the biggest selling GTA title yet?  To date, the series has sold over... Continue Reading →

Glasgow Caledonian Students Heading For First Game Release

According to Glasgow's Evening Times, a team of students from Glasgow Caledonian University are close to signing a deal for their first game - Ludi Gladiatorium - with a major publisher. Project leader Daniel Sneddon has already pitched the, as yet unfinished game, to an unnamed publisher in San Francisco, with another Hong Kong based... Continue Reading →

Quarrel Finds Publisher, Heads To iOS

There have been a number of fairly exciting announcements coming from this weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) games trade show out in LA.  Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are all doing jolly exciting things.  New hardware.  More games.  Another Halo.  The usual bits and pieces you'd expect really. However the 2011 E3 was marked by an... Continue Reading →

Cobra Launches iBomber Defence On Mac Store

Dundee's Cobra launched a tower defense (yes, with the American spelling) title in its hugely successful iBomber franchise, for the iPhone and iPad in late 2010, where it quickly proved just as popular as its predecessors. iBomber Defense offers all of the classic elements of a tower defense game.  Players must place different types of weapon... Continue Reading →

First Ever Dare Game Hits The App Store

The first videogame, created as part of the Dare to be Digital competition, has launched commercially on the Apple App Store. Sculpty, which was created by Team Tickle as part of the 2010 Dare competition is now available for the iPad. Sculpty is a physics-based platform game, in which players pinch, poke, stretch and sculpt... Continue Reading →

Cobra Launches iBomber Defense

Dundee's Cobra Mobile has announced the latest title in its popular iBomber franchise.  iBomber Defense for the iPhone/iPad has been published in conjunction with mobile publisher Chillingo. iBomber Defense takes the franchise in a new directi0n.  The first two titles were set inside a bomber, with a birds-eye view of targets on the ground.  The... Continue Reading →

Mr Bump Trips Onto The iPhone App Store

Mr Bump, the first title from Digital Goldfish's deal with Chorion, to bring the classic kids TV license Mr Men to Apple's AppStore is now live.  Mr Bump has not only launched on the AppStore, but has taken over the popular FreeAppADay service, which offers new Apps - for free - for a day.  As... Continue Reading →

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