Glasgow Caledonian Students Heading For First Game Release

Glasgow Caledonian Students Heading For First Game Release

According to Glasgow’s Evening Times, a team of students from Glasgow Caledonian University are close to signing a deal for their first game – Ludi Gladiatorium – with a major publisher.

Project leader Daniel Sneddon has already pitched the, as yet unfinished game, to an unnamed publisher in San Francisco, with another Hong Kong based company also contacted the team, asking for more information.

The team of 11, all working in their spare time, hope to secure a deal in the near future and get a international blockbuster to add to their CVs.

Jon Sykes, Senior Lecturer at GCal, said, “This is an idea I’ve had for about 10 years but we’ve never had the resources to bring it to completion. “It’s great for the students because they’re working with other people in dif ferent disciplines: the designers are working with the sound people, and vice versa. “There’s a real hothouse of talent growing the game. The students have been very dedicated, bearing in mind they’re doing this in their own time for no profit.”

You can read the whole article here [registration required].  We’ll carry more news and information on the game as soon as we get it…

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