Mr Bump Trips Onto The iPhone App Store

Mr Bump Trips Onto The iPhone App Store

Mr Bump, the first title from Digital Goldfish‘s deal with Chorion, to bring the classic kids TV license Mr Men to Apple’s AppStore is now live.  Mr Bump has not only launched on the AppStore, but has taken over the popular FreeAppADay service, which offers new Apps – for free – for a day.  As you might suspect…

Mr Bump features the same simple graphical style of the original TV series and has Mr Bump, jumping up the screen, from log to log on a river, following a horrific boating accident.  He’s helped on his way by several of his famous Mr Men friends, including Mr Tall, Mr Sneeze and Mr Tickle, who either provide power-up type help, or feature in their own mini games.  Think Doodle Jump, but bumpier, riverier and cooler (of course).

The game is priced at £0.59 and can be found on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod touch.  There’s even a promotional video if you want to see the game in action, before diving in and buying it.


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