OUT NOW – The Quest (Redux)

OUT NOW – The Quest (Redux)

The team at Guerilla Tea are clearly not people to lounge around, resting on their laurels, sipping rum-based cocktails.  Mere weeks after the company launched the Cancer busting game, Genes In Space: Play To Cure, it is launching a redeveloped version of their first (BAFTA nominated) game, The Quest.

It’s rather lovely. The goal is to guide the heroic knight, Sir Steve around the Rubik’s Cube like world, in order to track down the good lord’s favourite mug aka the Holy Grail.

Quest Anniversary 5The game was initially released in March 2012 for both iOS and Android. It was praised in the media for its innovative mechanic. Pocket Gamer said:

The Quest takes a well-known concept in the form of the Rubik’s puzzle and gives it a fresh new challenge by adding in the task of getting Steve to the mug of tea. In this respect, the game is something of a triumph – few puzzlers have grabbed us in quite the same manner.

Fast forward two years and the company is now a rapidly evolving studio in the UK’s games sector, with a number of titles under it’s belt.  The team’s love for The Quest however, means they’ve not forgotten their first game and have re-mastered it for an entirely new release.

Quest Anniversary 4The new version of The Quest features more content and completely revamping the game’s art. The re-release took place on the second anniversary of the original game hitting the app stores.

It’s entirely free-to-play and is a unique new take on puzzle games, combining the best elements of maze games, with the fiendish challenge of the Rubik’s cube.

BoxShotThe Quest re-release is the first step in an exciting release plan from Guerilla Tea across 2014 and beyond..  The company has plans for a whole series of original new games, all of which share the common idea childhood nostalgia.

Guerilla Tea is already working on another new title, Sandbox TD, which they’re promising to announce in the near future.

In the meantime, you can download new edition of The Quest for iOS or Android devices.  It’s free, fiendish and fantastical…

The Quest (iOS) FREE

The Quest (Android) FREE

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