Cobra Launches iBomber Defence On Mac Store

Cobra Launches iBomber Defence On Mac Store

Dundee’s Cobra launched a tower defense (yes, with the American spelling) title in its hugely successful iBomber franchise, for the iPhone and iPad in late 2010, where it quickly proved just as popular as its predecessors.

iBomber Defense offers all of the classic elements of a tower defense game.  Players must place different types of weapon across a battlefield, in order to stop successive waves of enemies as they approach.  Weapons cost money, which is generated by destroying enemy units and careful strategy must be employed to balance resources and stop the increasing fast/powerful waves of units.

We’re not ashamed to say that iBomber Defense soaked up more time on the Scottishgames iPod than almost any other title over the last several months and the game’s WWII style, incredibly simply pick-up-and-play controls and well considered levels design has kept us playing since it came at the end of 2010.

So we were delighted to hear that Cobra was bringing iBomber Defense to the new Mac App Store with publisher of the moment,Chillingo.

While the Mac App Store has yet to hit the giddy hits that it’s iPhone/iPad counterpart has, it’s once again making finding and buying software faster, simpler and cheaper and more integrated than ever before, so it can’t be long before Mac owners worldwide decide that, in addition to being smug and preachy, they can now blow things up in a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting way.

If you’re a Mac owner, you owe it to yourself – and your PC owning, games playing friends – to immediately check it out

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