Guerilla Tea’s 2nd Birthday – Beer, Cake and a Game Release!

Guerilla Tea’s 2nd Birthday – Beer, Cake and a Game Release!


As of today, we’ve been in business for 2 years. It’s scary how quickly the time has gone by. We could describe the past year as ‘tumultuous’ to say the least and it’s been an awesome learning experience. It’s still very early days for Guerilla Tea, but throughout the last year we’ve built up a strong client base, moved into superb new premises and expanded the core team. There’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears so far, which has combined to give us that much needed luck. We’ve had a few ‘reality checks’, and it’s safe to say we have a lot to learn.

On a more light hearted note. Cake and beer is always essential to mark such an occasion. It’s one hell of a cliché but we’ll say it anyway. This cake is not a lie.

Team-Photo-(2ndBDay) - Small

As well as our foundation in client-based work, we also do make our own games from time to time. We are releasing Staking Claims early on Android tablet to tie in with our 2nd birthday. Look out for Flash and iOS releases to follow.

Staking Claims is a (very) casual strategy game that should stir some rainy school playtime nostalgia (unless you’re still at school of course!). It’s a digital version of the pencil and paper game ‘Cheese Squares’, the ‘time wasting’ game of choice for many. Players take it in turns to draw lines onto a square grid; the idea being to complete squares to secure them.

Our game is themed after the California Gold Rush of the mid 19th century. Imagine you are in command of an entire army of gold hunters, trying to claim riches from as much land as possible before other bands of fortune seekers beat you to the punch. You’ll draw ‘fences’ on the land, and once you’ve fenced off a full square, that land will be yours.

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Of course, some areas of land are more valuable than others, so you’ll need to be creative as to how you place your fences to fend off the competition.

The game can be played single player against an AI. For an easy round, blast through a greenhorn opponent, or go loco and play against a tough tactical enemy. We’ll be adding another difficulty setting in due course for an ultimate test of skill…

Staking Claims can also be enjoyed as a hot seat multiplayer game. Take your turn, then pass the tablet (or mouse) to your opponent.

 SC screen SMALL

There are a millions of possible terrain layouts with random level generation, so the gold won’t dry up anytime soon…

Enjoy the game and happy hunting!

Staking Claims is available to download here:

Android (Tablet Only) – DOWNLOAD

Coming to Flash and iOS!

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