Quarrel Finds Publisher, Heads To iOS

Quarrel Finds Publisher, Heads To iOS

There have been a number of fairly exciting announcements coming from this weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) games trade show out in LA.  Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are all doing jolly exciting things.  New hardware.  More games.  Another Halo.  The usual bits and pieces you’d expect really.

However the 2011 E3 was marked by an astonishing and extremely exciting announcement, from a company dear to everyone’s hearts.

Denki, has struck a deal with Ignition to bring the long-delayed delights of Quarrel to iOS platforms (so, iPod, iPhone, iPad fact fans) THIS SUMMER, with hints that downloadable games platforms will follow. shortly after.

This is of course a momentous occasion.  Quarrel picked up a gratifying amount of rapturous attention when it was in development, but after the game’s world premiere at the 2009 Dare ProtoPlay event, it went very quiet.

If you’ve missed the whole excitement around Quarrel, it’s a cross between the classic board games Scrabble and Risk.  Players compete to win territories, by making the highest-scoring words against the clock.

Trust us, you’ll like it.

According to the press release: “Quarrel is a deceptive beast–sure it’s a classy word game but there’s an equally suave strategic soul, a depth of personality that unfolds the more you play against the disarmingly human A.I. opponents,” explains Creative Director Gary Penn (Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown) “Its distinctively endearing style, and charm makes it unique. Whether you play word games or not, it’s packed with moments you have to share.”

We’ll be keeping track of Quarrel’s progress to an actual released game and will be updating you as soon as know more.

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