Lucky Frame’s Wave Trip. Wavy! Trippy! Fun!

Lucky Frame is back - with a brand new game.  After the awards, amazing reviews, nominations, plaudits, acclaim and general awestruck wonder that the company's previous title, Bad Hotel picked up, Lucky Frame has refused categorically to rest upon it's rainbow-hued laurels.  The steely-eyed outfit has instead forced it's development gnomes back down the software... Continue Reading →

Food Run out today on iOS – Forget Meals on Wheels, Pixels On Toast serves up Eggs on Legs.

Out today on iOS, quirky platformer Food Run comes from Edinburgh based one-man-developer Pixels On Toast, also known as Kevin Ng. With Rockstar Games, EA and Warthog sitting happily on his CV, Ng formed Pixels On Toast in 2010 and produced titles WordCrasher and Kick Flick Soccer. Food Run is his follow up and we... Continue Reading →

Play THE OFFICIAL and/or die. Apparently.

Occasionally we receive intriguing e-mails, or notifications of new games in development that we weren't aware of.  Even more infrequently, this unknown new game can be astonishing, impressive, truly original or bewildering and terrifying. The Official sits neatly in the middle of those last two categories.  There's something particularly creepy about the retro, low polygon... Continue Reading →

The UKs Biggest Indie Games Fest

The line-up of games which will be shown at the Dare to be Digital Protoplay Indie Festival has been announced.  It's looking awesome... There are over twenty new games in the showcase, including those developed by the Dare+ masterclass and titles from Abertay university's Mprof students.  There's a great mix of local companies and developers,... Continue Reading →

Fund Shplem

Shplem is the BAFTA-nominated game, created in just 48 hours at the Scottish Game Jam, which took place at the start of the year.  As well as the BAFTA, the game won the best tech and best artwork awards at the jam. Now Team Shpleh has started a crowd-funding project to help them turn the... Continue Reading →

Introducing – Indie Kick

IndieKick is a new online community for indie game developers.  Designed to let indie-viduals (sorry) from various backgrounds (art, coding, etc.) share their portfolios and discover potential collaborators, partners and team members, IndieKick wants to be the place for new teams to come together. Stephen McIntyre, one of the founders of the site, told us:... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – Gears Of Glory

Gears of Glory: Apex Ace is the brand new, inaugural game from Domipheus Labs (which is a side-project from the rather splendid Colin Riley.  Technical gee-whizard and all round good guy). It's a top-down racing game in which perfection and total control is rewarded.  The game will feature multiple tracks, achievements and multiplayer options, ensuring every... Continue Reading →

Consolevania – Out Now On iTunes

In one of the most generous and artistically significant moves of the mobile age, the first two seasons of Consolevania, the ground-breaking Scottish videogames show, are now FREE to download on iTunes. This includes the monumentally important Scottish Games Industry Fluff Piece, created by the Consolevania team for the Edinburgh Interactive festival in 2008. It's... Continue Reading →

YoYo Games New Release – Pollushot – And Update on HTML5 Game Maker

YoYo's latest release, Pollushot, is a simple physics-based puzzler in which the player must use a slingshot to stop fiendish pirates polluting the skies and take them DOWN! Pollushot takes YoYo's multi-format strategy forward, with a simultaneous release on both iOS (with optimisation for the iPad 1&2) and Android devices.  The game features unlockable achievements... Continue Reading →

Please Welcome – Mainly About Games

Ladies and gentlemen, new indie studio, Mainly About Games, based in Edinburgh, is the latest company to join the Scottishgames family. Created by former Rockstar North senior and lead designer Anthony 'Tony' Gowland, MAG is focused on smaller titles, with 'solid gameplay, hooks and big budget polish' according to Tony's very professional press release, which... Continue Reading →

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