YoYo Games New Release – Pollushot – And Update on HTML5 Game Maker

YoYo Games New Release – Pollushot – And Update on HTML5 Game Maker

YoYo’s latest release, Pollushot, is a simple physics-based puzzler in which the player must use a slingshot to stop fiendish pirates polluting the skies and take them DOWN!

Pollushot takes YoYo’s multi-format strategy forward, with a simultaneous release on both iOS (with optimisation for the iPad 1&2) and Android devices.  The game features unlockable achievements and leader boards, allowing players to compete against friends’ high scores, as well as post scores to Facebook & Twitter.

YoYo’s Sandy Duncan has also been interviewed by the team over at PocketGamer, explaining what the future holds for YoYo and the new HTML5 version of the company’s Game Maker application:

“To be honest, we started working on HTML5 because it was cool. We didn’t see the web as a way of making money,” Duncan explains.

However, with HTML5 gaining strong momentum across the web – especially in gaming – as a potential Flash replacement, and offering strong performance benefits, he’s hoping it will be the foundation that will enable YoYo Games to establish GameMaker as a tool for professional studios.

“At the moment, we have about 1.5 million free downloads of GameMaker per year,” Duncan reveals. “We reckon only about 20 percent actually attempt to use it properly, but that’s still a lot of people.

“So while we’ve previously been more about kids and bedroom coders, I think HTML5 is going to kickstart a new generation of web games, so we want to create a proper platform to enable this.”

The whole interview is definitely worth reading.  So, do head over the Pocket Gamer and check it out.

YoYo plans to release around two games per month moving forward.  We’ll cover them all as they appear – along with updates to the Game Maker software.

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