The UKs Biggest Indie Games Fest

The UKs Biggest Indie Games Fest

The line-up of games which will be shown at the Dare to be Digital Protoplay Indie Festival has been announced.  It’s looking awesome…

There are over twenty new games in the showcase, including those developed by the Dare+ masterclass and titles from Abertay university’s Mprof students.  There’s a great mix of local companies and developers, along with those from further afield.

All in all, if you care about, or are curious about the new generation of games being created by the up-and-coming independent developers out there, the Dare Protoplay Indie Fest promises to be spectacular.

The titles on display will include…

The games being created by the Dare+ teams include…

While the Mprof students will be showing off…

  • Castle Fearghas [a vampire-smashing multiplayer brawler] Mount Dash: Reach for the Sky [a family-friendly competitive racing game set on a mountain]
  • Vikings! [a strategic tower-defence game pitting Scots against Vikings]
  • Epic Tale of Rock [a fast paced rhythm action game]

Also on display will be Service Please, a shape-shifting iPad app, created by a multidisciplinary team from a number of Scotland’s leading universities.

The whole Indie Showcase is FREE, while the Indie Festival costs only £20 for a full two days of speakers, talks, presentations, panels and valuable information for new companies, start-ups and independent developers.

We’ll see you there.

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