Coming Soon – Gears Of Glory

Coming Soon – Gears Of Glory

Gears of Glory: Apex Ace is the brand new, inaugural game from Domipheus Labs (which is a side-project from the rather splendid Colin Riley.  Technical gee-whizard and all round good guy).

It’s a top-down racing game in which perfection and total control is rewarded.  The game will feature multiple tracks, achievements and multiplayer options, ensuring every driver is catered for.

Gears of Glory will also come complete with an advanced track editor, allowing players to create, compete upon and share their very own racing circuits and help to build the greater Gears of Glory universe.

The game is currently in development for Windows PCs and will be distributed by the very lovely people at Indie City.

Gears of Glory is being designed with lower specification systems in mind, so that the greatest possible number of players can join in, while the gameplay will allow drivers to jump in and out of the game for short, sharp bursts of driving goodness.

You can follow the progress of the game on the Gears of Glory Facebook page.  Or you can follow Colin himself over on Twitter.

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