Consolevania – Out Now On iTunes

Consolevania – Out Now On iTunes

In one of the most generous and artistically significant moves of the mobile age, the first two seasons of Consolevania, the ground-breaking Scottish videogames show, are now FREE to download on iTunes.

This includes the monumentally important Scottish Games Industry Fluff Piece, created by the Consolevania team for the Edinburgh Interactive festival in 2008. It’s a Who’s Who of who was who, at that point in time.

Simple, stark, relevant.  It’s a monument to the ages and simply better than anything else ever made to promote the Scottish games industry.

Never again, shall we see its like.  We salute you, Fluff Piece!  For you are awesome.

Widely regarded as the single best programme ever created on the subject of videogames, Consolevania and it’s TV-based younger sibling Videogaiden, were light years ahead of their time and treated the culture of playing – and making videogames – with a combination of irreverence, respect and passion.

You owe it to yourself to own these programmes. Download them.  Download them today and tell Robert Florence and Ryan Macleod just how much you enjoyed them…

They’re free.  They’re really good.  They’re Scottish.  There is no excuse.

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