Fund Shplem

Fund Shplem

Shplem is the BAFTA-nominated game, created in just 48 hours at the Scottish Game Jam, which took place at the start of the year.  As well as the BAFTA, the game won the best tech and best artwork awards at the jam.

Now Team Shpleh has started a crowd-funding project to help them turn the game into a finished product on almost every mobile platform you care to mention.  It’s a great game, it deserves your support and if you can help – even a quid would help – then they’d be very grateful and Scotland would have another fun game to be proud of…

Shplem was a  game born from a simultaneous labour of a few students and new to the business people at the 2012 Scottish Game Jam. In just 48h we managed to develop a 3 level working demo. We won the Best Artwork award and were nominated in the Best Tech Award at the jam. A couple of days later we won IGDA Scotland’s Top 4 Play Party Games (as voted by play party attendees), and Recently we were nominated for the Scottish BAFTA New Talent Award, which we are all very pleased about.

So we then decided that people seem to really like our game and say we should make it into a fully working game. So that is what we are going to do! We intend to put it first on Windows 7 phone and then onto Apple products ect basically any mobile device you own we would like you to be able to play Shplem.

To do this we need help from you all. As a bunch of mainly Students we need to buy the licences and equipment to enable us to make Shplem available for everyone and this costs money we simply don’t have. So we are humbling asking you all to help us make Shplem a reality via Indigogo in anyway you can. You can pre order the game for just $1 and there are various perks you can have depending on the amount donated … we don’t expect you to give us money for nothing…

Our campaign to try and raise enough funds to make Shplem

To download the prototype that was made in 48 hours

You may need this to play it

Our website……

Our Twitter…..!/ShplehShplem

Our Facebook……

Contact Us….

We can’t say fairer than that.  Go on, spare a quid and support your independent developers out there.

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