Introducing – Indie Kick

Introducing – Indie Kick

IndieKick is a new online community for indie game developers.  Designed to let indie-viduals (sorry) from various backgrounds (art, coding, etc.) share their portfolios and discover potential collaborators, partners and team members, IndieKick wants to be the place for new teams to come together.

Stephen McIntyre, one of the founders of the site, told us:

Whether you’re a student putting together your first portfolio, an indie branching out on your own and trying to find a community to try out your new game, or just looking for some games industry buzz around the people you’ve connected to, you will always be welcome here.

Promotion is the key ingredient in the IndieKick pie, and we want to make sure that good content and talented people get noticed in an increasingly competitive industry.

Too often I see fantastic art blogs go undiscovered and inspiring coders being hidden away in the far corners of the internet, and a large part of that is down to the segregation of game development content from an actual online community.

The offline community is, and always has been, flourishing with inspiring people, yet online everyone is spread so far apart. Given the fact that we are very much a digital industry, this never made sense to us. IndieKick was built to fix that.

IndieKick is free to use and is NOW LIVE.

Given the opportunities and new channels opening up for indie developers, new teams and entrepreneurial developers, this is a resource which could do much good for the industry. It would be nice to see more industry skills and non-development roles included as the site evolves.  Marketing for example, or business focused roles.

We’ll be keeping an eye on IndieKick in the coming months.  In the meantime, please sign up and support it.

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