Petition to Add Gaelic and Scots Support to Steam

Petition to Add Gaelic and Scots Support to Steam

It’s currently impossible indicate that a game is written in Gaelic or Scots on Steam. That’s what indie developer and language enthusiast Cobra! of Stormplay Games discovered when they tried to submit Operation: Pinkeye, their multilingual “flingback” FPS to the platform.

As we learned when we spoke to them earlier this year, Cobra!’s driving force as a developer is to promote Scots and Gaelic games – something that’s pretty difficult to do when the biggest storefront in the business doesn’t support either language. 

After contacting Valve, Cobra! was told that the company has “no plans” to add Gaelic or Scots as recognised languages at this time. Well, let’s give them some plans!

Help Cobra! out by signing their petition to add Scots and Gaelic as supported languages on Steam. And who knows, maybe it could help open the door for greater minority language support in games across the board?

…supporting both languages is a central point to my game, and the Steam listing lacking both on it’s listing is going to undermine this cause.

We’re simply asking for Valve to add the option to add Scots and Gaelic as languages a seller can select as supported by their game, so speakers of said languages know what game supports their language(s) on the platform.

Cobra! of Stormplay Games

Sign Cobra!’s petition to add Gaelic and Scots to Steam, and read their accompanying statement here.

You can also check out our article on Operation: Pinkeye, their retro FP inspired by the likes of GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters, here.

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