OUT NOW: Before I Forget Comes to Consoles

OUT NOW: Before I Forget Comes to Consoles

Before I Forget, the BAFTA-nominated narrative game about a woman living with dementia launches on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One & Xbox Series X consoles today. Initially released on Itch.io and Steam last summer, the game was created by 3-Fold Games, a indie game partnership between journalist turned narrative designer at Massive Entertainment, Chella Ramanan and Dundee-based games designer, Claire Morwood. 

Before I Forget received rave reviews upon release from the likes of Eurogamer, The Guardian and The L.A. Times for its compassionate and nuanced depiction of memory loss coupled with a touching tale of lifelong romance. Playable in the space of an hour, the game puts you in the shoes of retired cosmologist Sunita and tells her story through anecdotes and memories triggered by objects placed around her London home. With an unique story and some intersting structural twists, Before I Forget is an essential additon to the genre of first person narrative games that includes the likes of Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch and Sunset

Claire Morwood, who worked on the art and programming side of the project, is a member of Dundee experimental games community Biome Collective. She’s also an advocate for accessible game making tools, and has given workshops on making games with Bitsy at the PlayAway Festival, ARCADIA and with InGame.

Tune in to the podcast later this week to hear an extended interview with Morwood which delves into Before I Forget and her journey from a Geology graduate to a self-taught games designer.

Before I Forget is available NOW on Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One & Series X consoles, Steam and Itch.io.

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