SGN Podcast: Shut Up Ryan!

SGN Podcast: Shut Up Ryan!

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast – it’s SGN Pod 011!

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There’s been stiff competition for overblown tearful farewells in the media lately but this week’s SGN POD puts them all to shame. That’s right, it’s with a heavy heart that we say arrivederci to Ryan, whose time has come – as it does for all Aberdonians – to burrow back underground where the summer sunlight can’t hurt him.

In all seriousness, Ryan’s put in a phenomenal graft during his placement at SGN and you wouldn’t be reading these very words without him because this podcast probably wouldn’t exist in the first place. While Brian will certainly miss having someone to tell to shut up quite so often, Ryan will of course continue to be a part of the SGN family (there’s no escape).

But put those hankies away for now (or maybe use them as a tiny flag and pretend you’re a pre-war aristocratic waving a cruise liner into the harbour) because we’ve got a new voice on the pod! It’s New Zealand’s very own Seb Mackay, whose charming tones you might recognise from The Scottish Business Podcast (on which Mr. Brian Baglow guested, along with several others from the Scottish games industry you’re maybe not quite as tired of hearing from) . 

A seasoned media coordinator, business brainiac and punk rock aficionado, Seb will be bringing his well-honed interview technique to the team for some exciting future content, some of which we hint at in this very show.

If you want to get in touch with the show you can use #SGNpod​ on Twitter or message us directly @ScottishGames.  


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