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Every week we recap the week’s news and pick a larger topic to discuss in depth. Expect friendly, allegedly informed chat on everything to do with the Scottish games industry – from new releases, events and festivals to the business side of videogames and their place in culture at large.

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Ryan Duff

Our multimedia producer, making this up as he goes along and barely understands what he’s doing (don’t worry it’s me writing this). Can be found on Twitter @RyanDuff451

Andrew Gordon

Our Staff writer and all round talented guy. Well worth keeping an eye on, Andrew is going to leave us all in the dust some day. Can be found on Twitter @jandrewgordon

Brian Baglow

The editor/ founder of the Scottish Games Network. A self professed “sage” of video games and our resident Grampa Simpson. Can be found on Twitter @flackboy

Latest Episodes

SGN Podcast: Interview with Eltanin Casciani (Team Junkfish)
BONUS INTERVIEW: Communications & Community Lead Eltanin Casciani tells us about her role at Team Junkfish in this bonus interview podcast.
SGN Podcast: You Wait 2 Months For Some News…
SGN 009: We've got the best problem this week which is far too mcuh news to fit into one podcast. Where have you all been …
SGN Podcast: Mods, Fan Fiction and User Generated Content
SGN 008: This week we're chatting all about user generated conent, from Half-Life mods that became indie darlings, to early GTA moders and, yes, even …
SGN Podcast: Reboot Vs Remake – The Final Showdown
SGN POD 007: Episode seven of the Scottish Games network podcast and we're going strong. This week, after rounding up the week's news. We discuss …
SGN Podcast: A Wild Brian Disappeared…
SGN POD 006: It's the big man Pikachu's birthday this week so we threw him a suprise party so suprising that even we weren't expecting …
SGN Podcast: PlayAway Bonanza
SGN POD 005: This week we've been attending keynotes, panels, talks, workshops and everything they'll let us into at Tinderbox Collective's wonderful PlayAway Festival. Listen …
SGN Podcast: If a Game Falls in the Forest…
SGN POD 004: Marketing – the oh so daunting but oh so important part of being a succesful games studio. Over the course of an …
SGN Podcast: Interview with Ally Low
BONUS INTERVIEW: Scotland's premier indie retro game developer Ally Low tells us about his tool to help dyslexic players in this bonus interview podcast.
SGN Podcast: What is a Podcast Anyway?
SGN POD 003: This week's episode is all rumination and preparation as we respond to your lovely feedback so far and hatch plans for world …
SGN Podcast: Interview with Gabriel Elvery
BONUS INTERVIEW: Games researcher Gabriel Elvery explains why we get so emotionally attatched to game characters in this extended podcast conversation.
SGN Podcast: Introduction to PlayAway Festival
BONUS INTERVIEW: Festival director Luci Holland joins the podcast to gives us an introduction to PlayAway, Scotland's newest and most exciting games festival.
SGN Podcast: Interview with Scottish EDGE
BONUS INTERVIEW: Listen in to learn what Scottish EDGE is, how to apply and what winning Scottish EDGE can do for your company.
SGN Podcast: Clouds, Dwergs and Directives
SGN POD 002: On this week's show we discuss upcoming Scottish games Cloud Jumper and Dwerg Saga, upcoming festival PlayAway, and shine the spotlight on …
SGN Podcast: We’re Just Getting Started
SGN POD 001: On this very special first episode of the SGN Podcast we introduce the team and dig into new releases Monstrum 2 and …

The full archive of episodes can be found here.

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