GameMaker Studio Update: Next Gen Consoles & New Languages

GameMaker Studio Update: Next Gen Consoles & New Languages

GameMaker Studio 2, the game development platform from YoYo Games has received a major update, which brings support for the next generation of games consoles and adds full localisation for several major languages.

As of March 2021, GameMaker’s global community of developers can now create games and export them directly to PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

As part of GameMaker Studio 2.3.2, which has just been released, the application IDE and manual for GameMaker Studio 2 have been localised into three new languages – Russian, Chinese and Brazilian Portugese – to further broaden platform accessibility. In addition, YoYo Games will also be rolling out a range of localised content, documentation and tutorials, helping non-English speaking developers to learn how to use GameMaker. 

Stuart Poole, General Manager, YoYo Games, told the Scottish Games Network

“We’re extremely pleased to be extending our platform exports to offer support for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. As a result, our growing indie development community will soon be able to develop and launch their games straight onto these next-generation console platforms, with all the ease and simplicity they’ve come to expect from GameMaker.”

“The inclusion of Russian, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese languages enables us to finally make both our software and supporting materials available to a vast new audience of hobbyists and developers. It’s always been our aim to try and make game development as accessible as possible to everyone. This is why with this latest localisation update, we’ve actually been able to go one step further and will developing a raft of localised tutorials, which is just part of the exciting expansion that comes as a result of being part of Opera.”

In January 2021, YoYo Games was acquired by Swedish browser company Opera, for $10 million.

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