SGN Podcast: If a Game Falls in the Forest…

SGN Podcast: If a Game Falls in the Forest…

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast – it’s SGN Pod 004!

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Your game is a majestic pine tree, ready to break free and make it’s mark of the forest floor of the global games industry with a satisfying thunk. We are a crack squad of flag waving loud mouths with a boatload of microphones, megaphones, air horns and whoopie cushions ready to place in the exact spot your game/tree will hit the foliage. It couldn’t make less of a difference if anyone’s around to hear your game/tree fall – they’ll be hearing about it whether they want to or not, we’ll make sure of that!

This could be us! And what a wonderful time we’d have. All you have to do is send us a press release already.

Just in case there was any confusion, the topic of this week’s SGN Pod is marketing – the oh so daunting but oh so important part of being a succesful games studio. Over the course of an hour, we try to give as much encouragement as we can to the Scottish games community to not feel intimidated by the prosepect of marketing their games. No one’s going call you a sell out, we promise!

If you want to get in touch with the show you can use #SGNpod​ on Twitter or message us directly @ScottishGames.  


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