PlayAway: Ally Low – Lowtek Games

PlayAway: Ally Low – Lowtek Games

Ally Low is the man behind Dundee’s defiantly retro Lowtek Games, the studio which brought the world Flea and introduced the idea of a cute tapeworm.

There’s far more to Ally than just a love of NES games and exploring the playable potential of parasites. Ally’s also working on a number of projects, with a focus on accessibility and inclusion.

Gaming With Dyslexia

As someone with dyslexia, Ally has struggled with games over the years which use large amount of text, from old school interactive fiction (aka text adventures), to the latest console titles. Lowtek is currently working on A Familiar Fairytale, a retro text adventure which highlights the frustrations faced by dyslexic people when gaming.

Ally is also working with the team at InGAME on a set of tools to help make text-to-speech more accessible and simpler for developers to implement in games.

We spoke to Ally recently about his work and the challenges faced by gamers with accessibility issues…

PlayAway – Games & Empathy

Ally is speaking at the Play Away Festival about his work on dyslexia ( and possibly parasites!) as part of the Games & Empathy session, alongside Marina Diez, the CEO of 3 Of Cups games. You can (and should) sign up for tickets now.

Games & Empathy – Thursday March 4th – 13:00-14:00

Book your tickets now.


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