SGN Podcast: Interview with Ally Low

SGN Podcast: Interview with Ally Low

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast – it’s a Bonus Interview Podcast with Ally Low!

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Ally Low is the Dundee-based game designer behind the retro indie games studio Lowtek games. As well as making a modern NES classic in the form of Flea! and a neo-Dreamcast puzzler called Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, Ally is working on an easily integrable tool that helps make games more accesible for dyslexic players.

In this bonus podcast intervew Ally tells us about his experiences playing games as a dyslexic person and his upcoming mini talk on Games and Empathy as part of the PlayAway Festival.

You can listen to an audio only version of this podcast interview with Ally Low via our usual podcast feed, or you can watch the entire video conversation embedded below.

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