SGN Podcast: What is a Podcast Anyway?

SGN Podcast: What is a Podcast Anyway?

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast – it’s SGN Pod 003!

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On this week’s episode of the Scottish Games Network Podcast we are three Spider-People pointing at one another. That’s right, it’s time to get meta: this week we’re wondering just what is the SGN Pod anyway, and what can we do to make it a more engaging and informative listen for the Scottish games community?

The discussion was sparked by some wonderful feedback from our lively Facebook group, where we’ll be continuing to ask just what the content is you crave. While we’re on the subject of community building, please do take a gander over to our Discord channel, where you can share what your working on, get game recommendations and just talk general nonesense with fellow Scottish gamers.

As always, there’s general chat about Scottish games industry as well as the occasional off-topic conversation. Would it be the SGN Pod otherwise?

If you want to get in touch with the show you can use #SGNpod on Twitter or message us directly @ScottishGames.


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