Scotland’s Luke Dicken Becomes First IGDA Director Outside US

The International Game Developers Association has voted Scotland's Luke Dicken to the board of directors, the first director of the organisation from outside the USA. Already a director of IGDA Scotland, Luke now joins the global board, helping the organisation to grow and evolve to keep pace with the ever more diverse interactive industry. If... Continue Reading →

Game In Scotland – Speaker Presentations

Ten very different companies gave ten very different talks and presentations at the 2013 Game In Scotland event.  As part of our exclusive coverage of the event, we're delighted to make those presentation files available to the world... Romana Ramzan - Denki - GIS2013RomanaRamzan David Hamilton - Ninja Kiwi - David Hamilton - Ninja Kiwi - GIS2013... Continue Reading →

Game In Scotland – The Panels

That's it, last day of our special Game In Scotland exclusives.  Today we announce the last piece of the puzzle - the panels. The event is famous for two major topics: How to get into the games industry and The future of videogames How To Get Into The Games Industry The first is fairly self explanatory,... Continue Reading →

IGDA Scotland Announces Latest Scholarship Recipient

The International Game Developers Association does far more than organise events and get involved in fun, games-related activities.  The organisation is dedicated to helping individuals working within the videogames sector. As part of this, the IGDA created a programme of scholarships back in 2001, designed to help promising students attend the prestigious (and incredibly useful)... Continue Reading →

Games And Gift Culture

You may remember that Scottishgames recently introduced Steve Hammond into the fray as a guest columnist, giving you insightful and surprising tidbits into the Scottish game industry's origins. We've also had the wonderful Phil Harris reporting from this year's Edinburgh Interactive, reporting the gig like you were actually there! Now we add a new guest... Continue Reading →

Fund Shplem

Shplem is the BAFTA-nominated game, created in just 48 hours at the Scottish Game Jam, which took place at the start of the year.  As well as the BAFTA, the game won the best tech and best artwork awards at the jam. Now Team Shpleh has started a crowd-funding project to help them turn the... Continue Reading →

Scottish Success With IGDA Scholarships

The Scottish chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has racked up a significant number of achievements over the last year.  They've organised a number of very well attended events and pulled in some world class speakers at the same time. Less well known however is the fact that the IGDA awards annual scholarships... Continue Reading →

IGDA Scotland – Dundee Meeting – November 30th

The November IGDA Scotland meeting has been booked, scheduled and reserved.  This month's meeting take place in Dundee, at the University of Abertay's Hannah MacLure Centre, on November 30th at 7pm. Entrance is free, but space is limited, so you need to register to secure your place.  The monthly meetings have proven very popular, with... Continue Reading →

IGDA Scotland – We’re (Pretty much) Official…

The Scottish chapter of the International Game Developers Association is so new, it still has a shine and excitement to it, that contact with the cynical games industry types has yet to tarnish. The IGDA has, rather cleverly, roped in many of the new and up-and-coming developers around the country by rotating each monthly meeting... Continue Reading →

IGDA – Scottish Chapter

The International Game Developers Association is a global non-profit organisation serving games developers (according to the website). There was, very briefly, a chapter in Scotland, which met a couple of times in Stirling, on the basis that it was equally inconvenient for everyone.  It didn't last however and while there are a number of individual... Continue Reading →

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