Game In Scotland – Speaker Presentations

Ninja Kiwi - David GIS 2013Ten very different companies gave ten very different talks and presentations at the 2013 Game In Scotland event.  As part of our exclusive coverage of the event, we’re delighted to make those presentation files available to the world…

Romana Ramzan – Denki – GIS2013RomanaRamzan

David Hamilton – Ninja Kiwi – David Hamilton – Ninja Kiwi – GIS2013

Alex Zeitler – Guerilla Tea – Alex – Guerilla Tea – GIS2013 Presentation

Paul Farley – Tag Games – Paul Farley – Tag Games

Aphelio @ GiS (open index.html in a browser)

Imi Ahmed – Nuvogadgets – Website/YouTube

Bonus Speaker: Luke Dicken IGDA – IGDA – Luke Dicken

Alex Wozniak – One Thumb Mobile – Alex Wozniak – OTM – GIS2013

Scott Stevenson – Reloaded Productions – Scott Stevenson – Reloaded – GIS2013

Trevor Fountain – Blazing Griffin – Game In Scotland (Blazing Griffin)

Kate Ho – Tigerface – Website

Orestis Tsapogas – Codeplay – Orestis Tsapogas – Codeplay – GIS2013

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