IGDA – Scottish Chapter

IGDA – Scottish Chapter

The International Game Developers Association is a global non-profit organisation serving games developers (according to the website).

There was, very briefly, a chapter in Scotland, which met a couple of times in Stirling, on the basis that it was equally inconvenient for everyone.  It didn’t last however and while there are a number of individual members around the country, Scotland has been pretty much IGDA-less since then.

Now however, the young, up-and-coming whippersnappers, graduating students and indie developers around the country are determined to put together a dedicated IGDA chapter and do ‘stuff’.  New stuff, exciting stuff and stuff that will make a difference to the new generation of developers around Scotland.

The Scottish IGDA already has a Facebook page, a blog, a Google Group AND a Twitter feed, but not content with a purely digital community, those responsible are now determined to meet up in real life.  The first meeting has been arranged for Thursday 19th of May 2011 and is due to take place at Braes on Perth Road in Dundee.

The event is free to students, developers and general hangers-on, interested parties and ‘other’.  You have to register to head along, but those clever organisers are using EventBrite, so you can do it NOW.  Online.  For nothing.

There are micro talks, introductions and general good times promised.  Plus, its your chance to meet the great, good and generally awesome people who work in the games industry in Scotland.

We’ll see you there…


  1. Thanks for writing this!

    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Dundee, and hopefully we’ll be organising future ‘stuff’ in both Edinburgh and Glasgow too.

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