Game In Scotland – The Panels

Game In Scotland – The Panels

535695_399509336728207_784798054_nThat’s it, last day of our special Game In Scotland exclusives.  Today we announce the last piece of the puzzle – the panels.

The event is famous for two major topics: How to get into the games industry and The future of videogames

How To Get Into The Games Industry

The first is fairly self explanatory, what skills do you need to get into games?  How do you maximise your chances of joining a games company?  What are the pitfalls people normally fall into when it comes to an interview?  How do you make your CV stand out from the crowd?  Now you can find out from a panel of industry experts including: Scott Stevenson (Reloaded Productions), Nick Barrett (Proper QA), Lol Scragg (Binary Pumpkin), Charlie Czerkawski (Guerilla Tea) and Richard Hasinski (One Thumb Mobile).  The whole shooting match will be chaired by the Scottish Games Network’s Brian Baglow.


The Future Of Videogames

The panel which makes Michael Pachter look like a medieval aruspicina enthusiast.  It’s never been known to achieve anything less than 94% accuracy.  Predicting the rise of the mobile market, the saturation of the App Stores, the increasing budgets for next generation console development and the total domination of virtual reality headsets by the year 2010.  This years prognosticators and prophets will include: Mark Ettle (Cobra), Brian Baglow (Scottish Games Network, BAFTA, Hollow Earth), Kraig Walker (Aphelio) and Luke Dicken (IGDA, Robot Overlord Games).  Phil Harris will be chairing and calming the more enthusiastic and belligerent panelists.

The organisers are promising this years panels will be MORE interactive and fascinating than ever.  They’ll be inviting questions and comments LIVE during each panel via Twitter, using the hashtag #GIS2013.

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