IGDA Scotland – We’re (Pretty much) Official…

The Scottish chapter of the International Game Developers Association is so new, it still has a shine and excitement to it, that contact with the cynical games industry types has yet to tarnish.

The IGDA has, rather cleverly, roped in many of the new and up-and-coming developers around the country by rotating each monthly meeting between Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Pulling in some top-level speakers and looking at some burning issues at the same time.

Now however, the Scottish chapter of the IGDA is officially official.  Thanks to the appointment of an organising committee, which will be pushing things forward and making sure things remain proactive and fascinating.

Step forward and take a bow, Kraig Walker (Chair), Marc Madill (Vice Chair), Behrooz Shahriari (Secretary), Ross Forshaw (Treasurer), Luke Dicken (Committee Member) and Brian MacDonald (Committee Member).

The next meeting should (weather and festivals permitting) take place back in Dundee at some point in November…

In the meantime, you can find IGDA Scotland on Facebook, Twitter, or via the blog.

Of course, none of this would have happened without the hard work and inspiration of the recently departed Hazel McKendrick, who’s now doing some awesome work down Guildford way.

(And they did the sweet new banner you can admire above…)


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