Got A Match, Pal?

If, like your editor, you replied, 'Yes, George Clooney, though he's greyer, less stylish, and knows way less about the games industry in Scotland," you win a lovely sweater. If however, you wondered who's like you and indeed, why so many of them are dead, then the chances are you're the target audience for the... Continue Reading →

A Pocket Full Of Wee – Games, Gab & Griffins

Not many people would define WeeWorld as a games company.  As an actual developer and publisher in its own right.  A social network, surely.  An entertainment company definitely, but a games company?  Well, yes.  The ongoing evolution of digital media, the spread of apps to multiple devices and in increasing focus on fun and games... Continue Reading →

WeeWorld – Studio Profile

WeeWorld has been around on the periphery of the games industry, for several years now. Yet while many people recognise the company, it has evolved hugely since it was founded and is now working at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment. So. In a nutshell: WeeWorld creates 'visually distinctive and deeply engaging web, iOS and... Continue Reading →

Have Yourself A Customisable Avatar Driven Social Christmas…

It's December.  Hurrah!  The curse is now officially OFF writing anything about Christmas.  Which is just as well, since WeeWorld is making the holiday season a little more noisy with the launch of its Talking WeeMee - Christmas Edition. Now your WeeMee can talk, dance, react to your touch or your voice and can be shared... Continue Reading →

Scotland’s WeeWorld Featured In Wired Article

Glasgow's WeeWorld is sometimes overlooked in a round up of games and interactive companies within Scotland.  However, the company deserves a lot more recognition than it tends to receive, not least because of it's 50 million+ Weemees and focus on the younger, more casual end of the market. WeeWorld users can create their own avatar,... Continue Reading →

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