Got A Match, Pal?

Got A Match, Pal?

If, like your editor, you replied, ‘Yes, George Clooney, though he’s greyer, less stylish, and knows way less about the games industry in Scotland,” you win a lovely sweater.

If however, you wondered who’s like you and indeed, why so many of them are dead, then the chances are you’re the target audience for the new iOS app from the team at WeeWorld in Glasgow.

Match Mee is a fast-paced game in which players must pick two identical WeeMee avatars out of a group against the clock.  It’s essentially a cross between snap and punching very small people in the face.

There are jewels, idols and treasure to boost your bonuses and each successful level inches you up the leader board of the twitchy, fast fingered and caffeine-addicted mee matchers out there.

The differences between the multiple mees decreases as levels advance requiring more attention to be paid to the subtle differences and ensuring that your jacked up nervous system will, at some point, lead you to poking some poor unsuspecting avatar in the eye, destroying your bonus and reducing your remaining eye poking time.

Match Mee is out now for your favourite iOS devices.  It is FREE FOR THE TAKING and like all of WeeWorld’s games deserves a place on the iDevice of every parent, grandparent or adult likely to be responsible for one, some or all small children, students, game developers or creative industries executives at some point in the near future.

We’ve already got it and we’re on level 49.

Go and poke an avatar now.  You deserve it, bucko.

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