WeeWorld – Studio Profile

WeeWorld – Studio Profile

WeeWorld has been around on the periphery of the games industry, for several years now. Yet while many people recognise the company, it has evolved hugely since it was founded and is now working at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment.

So. In a nutshell: WeeWorld creates ‘visually distinctive and deeply engaging web, iOS and Android social games and applications’. The company’s goal is to ‘entertain and expand creativity and self expression in people of all ages.’

Which makes WeeWorld a ‘social entertainment’ company, which exists in the sweet spot between social networking, casual gaming and online communities. To start with, WeeWorld runs WeeWorld.com which has, quite literally, millions of teens hanging out every month.

WeeWorld.com is a top 10 teen social community, with a massive audience in the US. Every month millions of WeeMees express themselves, socialize, play games and engage with some equally large marketing campaigns, brands and celebrities.

As of now, there are 50 million WeeMees, which can be personalised and outfitted in the latest designer clothing, or equipped with massive range of accessories and interests, allowing users to reflect their real life interests and enthusiasms. These WeeMee are used all over the web to personalize blogs, email signatures, Twitter pics, the chances are very high that at least one of your contacts has one.

Last – and perhaps most importantly – WeeWorld is now in the mobile apps development and publishing business with a long list of five star rated apps in the market so far including:

WeeWorld’s mobile games studio has launched nine mobile applications to date, including the WeeMee Avatar Creator, which is #1 avatar on iPhone and ranked in the top 10 highest grossing iOS apps in the entire social networking category.

The company is following their existing apps with the recently announced Pocket Pup.

This is a virtual pet game in which the player has to train and care for an adorable WeeMee style puppy. Play with it, walk it, feed it and keep it healthy. From work-in-progress shots we’ve seen, the opportunities for ‘creative care’ should keep kids… happy.  WeeWorld’s mobile team also have a variety of other fun new applications in development.

WeeWorld’s focus on entertainment, gaming, virtual goods sales, personalisation and fun has paid dividends with the younger audience. The youth market currently drives around 50% of the overall app market so WeeWorld is perfect placed for further success in the App markets.

WeeWorld has also worked with many of the biggest brands and licenses in the teen market. Companies, artists and personalities including Coca Cola, Skittles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, The Jonas BrothersJason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, Skechers, Timberland and Warner Music have all had campaigns and new content included in WeeWorld.

New games, new content, new apps and new deals with brand owners are all produced at WeeWorld’s development office in Glasgow.

WeeWorld works entirely on its own IP and now you – yes YOU – can be part of that creative fun! The company is actively looking for game designers, iOS developers and talented people to help the company continue innovating and producing popular, fun and original new content.

WeeWorld is backed by two of the most respected venture capital funds in the digital world. Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners, both of whom have invested in many pioneers in the online and mobile markets.

We’ll be talking to WeeWorld’s CEO Celia Francis later this week, to get more insight and information on the company and their work.

In the meantime, check out the Game Designer and iOS Developer jobs, or download one of WeeWorld’s apps for limitless creative fun!


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