Scotland’s WeeWorld Featured In Wired Article

Scotland’s WeeWorld Featured In Wired Article

Glasgow’s WeeWorld is sometimes overlooked in a round up of games and interactive companies within Scotland.  However, the company deserves a lot more recognition than it tends to receive, not least because of it’s 50 million+ Weemees and focus on the younger, more casual end of the market.

WeeWorld users can create their own avatar, or WeeMee, for free.  They can then modify it, export it and use it across most other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever else floats your boat (like Skype, MSN Messenger etc).  The chances are you probably have at least one or two contacts who use their WeeMee for a profile picture on one of those communities.

The company has also now spread WeeWorld onto the iPhone and iPad, with dedicated apps allowing users to build, modify and play with their WeeMees on the move.  Plus, there are a growing range of games on, which allow players to enjoy games featuring their – and other users’ WeeMees.

Not to mention the fact that the company has numerous fun and game-like touches on its website – such as the banner on the Corporate Information page.  Go on.  Try it.

Anyway, after that prolonged introduction, WeeWorld’s CEO, Celia Francis has been featured in Wired, as one of four female bosses leading games companies.

Bit of an odd article, in our opinion.  Do we still think women can’t run a games company?  However, it’s nice to see WeeWorld getting a little more exposure (their PR presence really dropped off around 2007, though we cannot imagine why…)

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