A Pocket Full Of Wee – Games, Gab & Griffins

A Pocket Full Of Wee – Games, Gab & Griffins

Not many people would define WeeWorld as a games company.  As an actual developer and publisher in its own right.  A social network, surely.  An entertainment company definitely, but a games company?  Well, yes.  The ongoing evolution of digital media, the spread of apps to multiple devices and in increasing focus on fun and games within social networks are all combining to make every entertainment company a games company to some degree.  WeeWorld however has embraced these new platforms and is taking its 50M WeeMee owners in some interesting new directions…

The catalogue of games and apps from WeeWorld is a varied and growing one.  WeeMees have left the web browser and made the leap onto smartphones.  WeeWorld is building its own original apps and mobile games

First up, we have to talk about the WeeMee Avatar Creator.  It does exactly what the name suggests.  Users can create, style, customise and personalise their WeeMee on the go.  The app features hundreds of items, accessories and outfits, for a staggering array of stylish wonder.  The first app to be released by WeeWorld, the Avatar Creator remains the company’s most popular download.  The avatar creator is SOOOO popular that WeeWorld has brought it out for iOS AND Windows Mobile AND Android, ensuring that all right thinking people are catered for and supported.

The WeeMee Avatar Creator is 99¢ or 69p and is out now.

Of course, once you’ve made your WeeMee look divine, delicious and ‘hep’, the next step has to be getting that thing to talk.  Which brings us, quite coincidentally to the Talking WeeMee or, if you’re approaching any kind of holiday (religious or secular) then the Talking WeeMee Holiday Version

Users can get their WeeMee to repeat words and phrases back to them in a variety of voices (helium, robot, deep, normal, chipmunk and super deep), as well as record and share videos of their WeeMees in action on YouTube or Facebook.  Hundreds of users have done just that and are even now exploring the outer limits of animation.  Like the WeeMee Creator, the Talking WeeMee is out on the App Store for 99¢/69p.

Or, for the more festive among you, there’s a WeeMee Talking Santa – FREE – or a Talking WeeMee Holiday version, also free, if you prefer your own stunning good looks to jolly old Saint Nicks…

It doesn’t stop there.  Bringing cartoon customisation and infinite variety to an entirely different area of app goodness, the WeeMee Countdown.  A bit of an unusual one this.  Users can import their WeeMee and set up a… well, countdown to an event of their choice, be it a holiday, birthday, exam or ‘other’.  The countdown can measure in days, hours and minutes, in sleeps, whole days – then share it with friends and family through Facebook.  Like the others, the WeeMee Countdown is out for iOS now, at a startlingly reasonable 99¢/69p.  There is an event in your life you are not tracking appropriately.  You should consider this, especially if you’re getting hitched…

Which brings us to the WeeMee Wedding Countdown.  All of the flexibility and customisation of the original app, but tailored especially for the happy couple.  Share the countdown with your guests through Facebook and Twitter and make note of the miserable, cynical swine who don’t Like your posts and hit them for the really expensive wedding presents.

Since weddings tend to be both expensive and nerve-wracking, the WeeWorld team have made this version FREE as their own special present, to YOU!

Of course, if you really want to rub your friends faces in your good fortune and happiness, then you can get the WeeWorld Vacation Countdown.  Another free one, more links to the social networks and another reason WeeWorld has 50M users worldwide.

Next up we come to Cweeture Jump.  A race against the clock, in which you have to get Peter the Griffin (yes, they went there) as high as possible.  Cweetures (yes, they went there too…) are the animal sidekicks that every WeeMee can own.  This is the first time they’ve featured in a game of their own, so as you can imagine, they feel pretty special.  Bounce, leap and spring your way to victory in a bizarre lion/eagle combo animal sidekick iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch game of ultimate bounciness.  It’s free, it’s fast, it’s fun and it has Peter Griffin in it.  Go on.  You know you want to.

One of the company’s more recent titles is Crush Rush.  A branded title, created in conjunction with Dynamo Games in Dundee.  Players have to match the juicy fruits to the delicious Crush bottles at the bottom of the screen in classic mode, or solve puzzles in memory mode by unlocking the secret fruit combos.  A free title, Crush Rush moves WeeWorld beyond the WeeMee focus of their other titles and positions them as a developer and publisher in their own right.  And one which is working with major consumer brands at that.  If you need refreshment and like your puzzles, like you like your juice – packed with fruity goodness – give Crush Rush a chance.

Last, but not least, the company’s up-and-coming game, Pocket Pup challenges players to look after and nurture a weeny and ridiculously adorable wee pup.  We’ll assume that you have to be careful otherwise there could be wee everywhere.  While the game is still in development, WeeWorld has promised some fun touches within the game, should players drift from the approved kennel club procedures for cartoon pup care.  We’re looking forward to this one.
Not a bad line up for a company which many people were not aware were of as a developer/publisher.
WeeWorld has plans for many more games and new interactive experiences for their 50,000,000 users out there, with a dedicated mobile division and – we want to make sure you’re remembering – they are recruiting – looking for a game designer and an iOS developer.
If you’re interested – and you should be – give them a shout.  Both Steve Young, the Creative Director and Celia Francis, the CEO are members of the Scottishgames group on Facebook.  Or you can find them on Twitter, should you want a more discrete word.

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