Have Yourself A Customisable Avatar Driven Social Christmas…

It’s December.  Hurrah!  The curse is now officially OFF writing anything about Christmas.  Which is just as well, since WeeWorld is making the holiday season a little more noisy with the launch of its Talking WeeMee – Christmas Edition.

Now your WeeMee can talk, dance, react to your touch or your voice and can be shared with friends, family or unsuspecting contacts, to spread the Christmassy love in all directions.

There are over 50 million WeeMees in existence so far, which makes it one of Scotland’s biggest social companies and one well worth checking out if you have a sleek, shiny iOS gizmo, are a parent, have parents, or think you’ll be forced into one or more interminable dinners or social situations over the holidays i.e. all of you…

The talking holiday WeeMee app is out now – FREE – on the App Store.  You can visit WeeWorld and build your own WeeMee, follow them on Facebook, or find them over on Twitter.

They’re lovely.


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