Interview with Ally Low (Lowtek Games) | SGN Pod

Interview with Ally Low (Lowtek Games) | SGN Pod

On the podcast this week we have Ally Low, founder of LowTek Games. LowTek Games burst onto the indie scene last year and have continued to grow from there. Working on both retro games (that you can actually play on NES, Dreamcast and soon to come to Gameboy) and dyslexic friendly titles and game-making tools. We spoke to Ally in February before his talk at the Tinderbox collective’s Play Away Festival. In this episode, Ryan and Ally sit down for a catch up on everything he’s been up to since then (Spoilers, he’s been busy… he always is).

Ally speaks about everything from his ever-growing Tik Tok presence to his work on his upcoming title, ‘Tapeworm Disco Puzzle’ as well as the recent release of Disletek and his arts and crafts animation side projects! He has been incredibly busy, we’re not even sure that he sleeps. Also,

Ryan is returning for this episode…

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