What’s In A Game? Science Festival Probes Deeper…

EdSciFestMany events in Scotland are beginning to incorporate elements of gaming, games culture and exploring the rapidly evolving interactive industry.

This year’s Edinburgh Science Festival is looking into the impact of the gaming revolution on society.  It’s asked several expert speakers – and your editor – to explore topics ranging from the rise of indie gaming to the importance of play.

The event takes place at Summerhall in Edinburgh at 17:30 on Wednesday the 9th of April.  Tickets cost £8 (£4-£6 concession) and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Here’s the official description for What’s In A Game

Computer games are everywhere, and more and more independent games are being produced. But are violent computer games corrupting our youth? Or are these games an artform that can improve our understanding of the world. Join Mitu Khandaker, Founder of Tiniest Shark; Brian Baglow, Head of Scottish Games Network; Lucky Frame Studio’s Yann Seznec and Gary Penn, winner of the Games Media Legend Award and Head of Digital Development at Denki to discuss the impacts of the gaming revolution on society. Try out some games for yourself in an evening that promises to be as informative and enlightening as it is fun.

You can’t argue with a speaker list like that.

Mitu Khandaker, founder of The Tiniest Shark, is the indie developer brains behind the deeply fascinating Redshirt – a social networking sim set on a spacestation. Gary Penn is of course, Denki’s resident design guru (and official games industry legend) and Yann Seznec is the fascinating artist/musician/entrepreneur of Lucky Frame fame.  Baglow is there because it’s now illegal to have a games related event in Scotland where he doesn’t speak.

The speakers are covering a lot of amazing ground:

  • Mitu’s topic is Knowing Ourselves Through Computer Games
  • Gary will be covering Why Play Is So Important
  • Yann’s talking about Making It
  • Baglow’s pondering The Impact Of Computer Games On Everything

It promises to be an illuminating, interesting and exciting 90 minutes.

See you there?

 Edinburgh Science FestivalWhat’s In A Game (Tickets)

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