OUT NOW – Staking Claims

OUT NOW – Staking Claims

IMG_0354Staking Claims is an original new game from Guerilla Tea – and there’s a good chance you’ve already played it…

The company tells us their inspiration for the game first appeared on a slot train to London. To pass the time, the team grabbed a notepad and pens and started playing an old game they remembered from school. If they’d been on a train to Glasgow, or if they’d taken a book each, or some colouring in, history – and Staking Claims – might have been very different.

The game is very simple. Players take turns to draw a single line between points, with the goal being to complete a square. The player with the most complete squares at the end of the game is the winner.

IMG_0360Staking Claims is free and can be played online and on mobile.  The game is loosely themed around the California Gold Rush of the mid 19th century. The discovery of gold in the Californian countryside lead to a stampede for wealth. Thousands of would be treasure hunters simply downed tools and travelled to the gold fields. You want to claim riches from as much land as possible before other bands of fortune seekers beat you to the punch. You ‘draw’ fences on the land, and once you’ve fenced off a full square, that land will be yours, dagnabbit!

…of course, some areas of land are more valuable than others, so you’ll need to be creative in placing your fences to fend off the competition and claim the mightiest haul of all.

IMG_0361Staking Claims has a hotseat multiplayer game mode, allowing two players to compete on a single device.  The levels in the game are procedurally generated, ensuring each and every single round of game play is unique. 

Guerilla Tea is promising that the game is one of the first in a whole catalogue of retro-inspired releases they have in production. We’ll bring you more news as and when we force it out of them.

Staking Claims (iOS)

Staking Claims (Android)

Staking Claims (Online)

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