Why Players Are Leaving Your Game – And How You Can Stop Them

Why Players Are Leaving Your Game – And How You Can Stop Them

deltaDNA_logo-1200x488For many developers, their focus is on completing and launching a game.  User acquisition is the key.  Visibility in a crowded market is the major issue.  Once the game is on the market however, unless there’s a serious problem, the game can be… easy to ignore.

That can be a huge problem. Especially for games utilising free-to-play mechanics, or advertising revenue.  Players can play once and leave, never to return.  Or hit a snag and drop the game like a live grenade.

There are solutions. Clever use of analytics can reveal issues within a game, player’s habits and allow developers to update and refine the whole game experience to make the players they do have, happier, more engaged and coming back more often.

Yet there’s a lot of doubt and scorn about analytics. ‘Designing by data’ is seen as an underhanded approach, exemplified by Zynga and used purely to exploit players.

Which is ridiculous. Understanding your players and their response to elements within games has to be a good thing for every single developer.  How companies then make use of that data is entirely in their hands.

Scotland boasts a world leader in the real of games analytics.  DeltaDNA (formerly Games Analytics) is holding a webinar, in association with the mighty GamesBeat (do you read GamesBeat?  You should).

gamesbeat2013_logo_only_facebookModerated by GameBeat’s Dean Takahashi, deltaDNA CEO & co-founder Mark Robinson will be joined by Alfonso Villar, CEO of social casino developers Playspace who will share his experiences of using Player Relationship Management to advance their in-game player engagement and improve retention across their portfolio

With the cost of acquiring new players often outstripping lifetime value in free-to-play games, building a long-term relationship with those who play your game is essential. The webinar shares Player Relationship Management techniques and industry case studies to help you understand why players are leaving your game — and how to reverse this.

Date: Tuesday 29th April

Time: 6PM UK / 10AM PST


Register now.

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn …

  • How to segment your playing base into clear playing styles and use this information when designing and managing free-to-play games.
  • How to unlock the threshold of engagement using analytics and targeting techniques.
  • How to build an effective retention strategy that personalizes the game experience via a case study from social casino developers Playspace.
  • How to reduce player churn and build a long-term relationship with your players.
  • How to deliver the maximum ROI on your acquisition spend.

Places are limited so register now to avoid disappointment.

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