Free Money!

The Prototype Fund, administered by the University of Abertay in Dundee has helped a wide range of digital media companies get started with grants of £25,000 and access to facilities and students from the university's numerous games courses. The next round of funding is due in the very near future and the prototype team are... Continue Reading →

ProtoPlay – Now With Added David Braben!

Gaming pioneer, legend, superhero and all round good chap, David Braben is to open the increasingly awesome sounding Dare ProtoPlay later this month. Mr Braben promises to discuss the development, genesis and evolution of arguably his most famous creation, Elite and the games it has inspired and influenced over the last 20 years. All of... Continue Reading →

Free Windows Phone 7 Workshop – Dundee – Saturday

Late breaking news time.  There's a FREE Windows Phone 7 workshop taking place in Dundee tomorrow (Saturday 18th June).  It's aimed at developers, students and Dare teams, but space is limited.  So if you're interested, sign up NOW. Here are the facts: Featured Products/Topics: Windows Phone , Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, Expression Studio, Expression Blend Recommended... Continue Reading →

Digital Spark Conference, 29-30th June 2011

The second Digital Spark conference takes place at the University of Abertay at the end of June.  The conference focuses on the creation, use and protection of Intellectual Property within the creative industries. Alongside presentations from companies such as Google, Sony, Universal Music, Sega and Aardman, Digital Spark offers introductory workshops, or indeed master classes,... Continue Reading →

Dundee Game Jam – May 28th 2011

Dundee, city of many discoveries.  Home to jute, journalism and the all-new Dundee Game Jam.  Taking place at Abertay University on (Saturday) May 28th, from 09.30 - 17.00. It's open to students, professional game developers, ex game developers, reformed games developers, talented amateurs and anyone who can put together the basic pieces of a videogame.... Continue Reading →

Nicholas Lovell – Self-Publishing Masterclass – Glasgow

The games industry is changing and evolving very rapidly right now.  New platforms, new routes to market, new business models, new consumers all mean new opportunities for development studios.  Finding new ways of doing business, or identifying these new opportunities can be difficult, when the industry is changing around you, which can leave some developers... Continue Reading →

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