Nicholas Lovell – Self-Publishing Masterclass – Glasgow

Nicholas Lovell – Self-Publishing Masterclass – Glasgow

The games industry is changing and evolving very rapidly right now.  New platforms, new routes to market, new business models, new consumers all mean new opportunities for development studios.  Finding new ways of doing business, or identifying these new opportunities can be difficult, when the industry is changing around you, which can leave some developers puzzled as to how to capitalise on it all.

One man who’s put a great deal of thought into this whole evolutionary process is Nicholas Lovell, founder of GamesBrief, author, maverick thinker, outspoken advocate and a bit of a pioneer in the area of self-publishing.

Now game developers across Scotland will be able to hear Nicholas’s thoughts on the future of gaming – and the possibilities open to developers – when he delivers a masterclass on self-publishing as part of the Digital 2011 event taking place later this month in Glasgow.

The masterclass takes place on March 30th from 1pm (registration) to 5.30pm.  It’s free to attend, but space is limited, so registration is a must.

Your editor was lucky enough to see Nicholas present a workshop at the 2010 NEoN conference and it was inspiring.  Far removed from the typical whinging, cynicism and bragadoccio of the console and current mainstream games sector, it showed exactly how the games industry is changing and how developers, content creators and small studios can take the future into their own hands and make it a smashing success.  The other three people who bothered showing up really enjoyed it too.  So it’s fantastic Nicholas’s coming back, giving the rest of the industry a chance to hear what he has to say.

Be there.

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