ProtoPlay – Now With Added David Braben!

ProtoPlay – Now With Added David Braben!

Gaming pioneer, legend, superhero and all round good chap, David Braben is to open the increasingly awesome sounding Dare ProtoPlay later this month.

Mr Braben promises to discuss the development, genesis and evolution of arguably his most famous creation, Elite and the games it has inspired and influenced over the last 20 years.

All of the talks and sessions at this year’s Dare are entirely FREE, though space is limited, so booking space is highly recommended.

In addition to David, there are talks and presentations from local gaming heroes including Dynamo Games and Digital Goldfish.  Sessions on getting into the games industry with ‘top men’ and some behind-the-scenes looks at leading games, including Wipeout and Crysis, from SCEE and Crytek.

PLUS there’s a comic strip competition, with Beano (and Oor Wullie/Broons) creator DC Thomson.  AND a three day videogames workshop for young game designers.  NOT TO MENTION the new videogames collective, which will see names and games festoon a mysterious structure in the centre of the city.  THEN there’s the junior judges initiative, which will allow kids from 8-16 to play and pass judgement on the Dare entries.

All in all, it looks like a fabulous weekend which any self-respecting game creator, player or journalist should be ashamed to miss.

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